Environmental Data CO2 emissions and energy consumption (Business Locations)

The OKI Group is actively working to improve the efficiency of energy use and reduce CO2 emissions in its business activities at its sites.

Achievements in Fiscal 2022

The OKI Group's business sites are promoting decarbonization efforts by improving efficiency (energy saving) and introducing renewable energy.

As specific examples of our efforts, over the years we have promoted energy conservation by improving the efficiency of facilities such as air conditioners and lighting (facilities attached to buildings) and production facilities, improving the operation of these facilities, and improving the efficiency of operations.

In recent years, we have also been promoting the introduction of renewable energy. Building H1 of the Honjo Plant (located in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture), which began full-scale operation in July 2022, became the first large-scale production facility in Japan to receive "ZEB" * certification, incorporating various measures to reduce environmental impact.

In addition, OKI Engineering, which develops reliability assessment and environmental conservation technical services in the OKI Group, began introducing renewable energy in fiscal 2022 with the aim of realizing a "Carbon Neutral Laboratory" by reducing CO2 emissions from the use of electricity at all 5 sites in fiscal 2025. As a result, they aim to reduce CO2 emissions generated by their contracted test and evaluation services to 0, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in their customers' supply chains.

CO2 emissions and energy consumption associated with business activities

Changes in CO2 emissions and basic unit (CO2 emissions per sales)

Graph of CO2 Emissions from Business Activities (SCOPE1+2) note

  • *1 : Values for the entire OKI group in both SCOPE 1 and 2

OKI Group Energy Consumption

Changes in the OKI Group's Energy Consumption

Graph of Energy consumption associated with business activities

Renewable energy usage

Graph of Amount of renewable energy used in business activities

Changes in the OKI Group's Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and CO2 Emissions per Unit of Sales

Graph of Energy Consumption

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