Environmental Management OKI Group Environmental Management

OKI Group Environmental Management

Based on our the OKI Group Environmental Policy, the OKI Group is managing the entire Group in a flexible and efficient manner with the aim of achieving a better global environment. Based on the "OKI Group's Environmental Policy" and "Environmental Vision 2030/2050", the OKI Group has formulated an environmental action plan and implemented management practices, and is actively engaged in activities to continuously reduce environmental impact through its products and business activities.

OKI Group Environmental Management Systems

Structure of the Environmental Management System

We are promoting the PDCA cycle by establishing systems for themes related to sites (Site themes) and product development and business (Busines themes).
By combining information on the two themes, we are efficiently promoting environmental management throughout the Group.
Planning → Execution → Monitoring/Measurement → Problem Analysis/Evaluation → Study/Trial of Countermeasures → Deployment of Measures within the Group. Through these continuous improvements, we are achieving synergistic effects across the Group.

The Scope of ISO14001 Certification

Integrated Authentication OKI
  • Shibaura/Toranomon Site
  • Warabi Site
  • Takasaki Site
  • Honjo Site
  • Tomioka Site
  • Numazu Site
  • Nishiyokote Site
  • Komine/Mitaka Site
Group companies
  • ODMES Fukushima Site
  • OME Fukushima Site
  • OSC Fukushima Site
  • ONT Tokorozawa/Oume Site
  • ONT Komoro Site
  • OTC Yamagata Site
  • OTC Niigata/Oume Site
  • OEG Hikawadai/Higashikurume Site
  • OTM Yawatabara Site
  • ODMT Ayutthaya/Chiang Mai Site (Thailand)
Group companies that has independently obtained certification
  • Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd.
  • OKI Crosstech Co., Ltd.
  • Oki Micro Engineering (DG) Co.,Ltd.

Coverage rate of ISO certification

  • Results in FY2022 : 99.4% (Japan 99.4% Oversea 100.0%)
  • ISO certification coverage rate = Production value of companies with ISO certification ÷ Production value for the OKI group as a whole

Reports on misuse of public research funds and misconduct related to research
activities can also be filed from the page that opens when you click the above button.

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