Contributing to the Environment with Products and Services Case Study

As well as reducing the environmental impact of our own hardware, the OKI Group also helps reduce environmental impact in a wide range of other areas. For example, we collect used products, and provide solutions that use the IoT and other cutting-edge technologies to reduce environmental impact and deal with climate change.

Adaptation to Climate Change

Realization of Zero Energy and Wireless Water-level Monitoring for Rivers

Photo of the network type zero energy ultrasonic water-level guage. Wiring construction work is unnecessary due to the adoption of a wireless system and solar cell.

Due to the impact of increasingly abnormal weather in recent years, the possibility of severe disasters occurring that exceed conventional assumptions is increasing. In particular, flood damage in urban areas due to increased flow in small and medium-sized rivers with low water level gauge installation rates is increasing.

Outside use of high precision water-level gauges

Focusing on such social issues, OKI and Shizuoka OKI have developed a compact,lightweight and integrated "zero energy ultrasonic water-level gauge" (hereinafter zero energy water-level gauge) as a sensor capable of easy installation and information gathering at low cost. The "zero energy water-level gauge" is based on a highly accurate "ultrasonic water-level gauge" that has numerous achievements in river monitoring and combines a wireless device and solar cells to eliminate the need for network connection and power supply construction work.

OKI has linked Shizuoka OKI's "zero energy water-level gauge" and the "IoT-GW"(*1), which is equipped with OKI's "SmartHopR SR wireless module", and is commercializing the "river monitoring system" , which makes it possible to grasp the water level situation at multiple locations - from point monitoring to area monitoring. OKI is actively marketing this to local governments considering collection and disclosure of water level information and is investigating deployment of cloud services.

Equipment power-saving function necessary for outdoor installation

The "SmartHop SR wireless module" in the wireless section has good reception characteristics given by 920MHz multi-hop wireless and is equipped with power saving functions facilitated by advanced control technology. This made it possible to create wide-range and flexible wireless networks with cordless power supplied by solar cells, and realized the "zero energy water-level gauge", which is easy to install outdoors.

  • *1:IoT-GW: apparatus that connects an IoT device to a cloud server via the Internet for communication

Image of Zero Energy Ultrasonic water-level Gauge and River Monitoring System

Mitigation of Climate Change

The Pursuit of Customer Needs and Energy-savings

Photo:The staff-operated cybernetics ticketing equipment pursues speed, ease of use and space savings

In the work of issuing tickets at train station counters, staff require speed, ease of use andspace-savings. The staff-operated cybernetics ticketing*5 equipment responds to these needs.

Realization of speed, ease of use and space-savings

With regards to realization of speed, the ticket issuing machine achieves a 25% and 30% higher speed over conventional products in the magnetic ticket unit and IC card unit, respectively. This was achieved through repeated improvements in the firmware that controls the equipment, the print head, the conveyance parts, and other components

For ease of use, we solicited requests for improvements from employees working the counter from the initial stage of development, reflected mis-operation prevention and other functions in product development, and have received good feedback from the customer.

In terms of space savings, we focused on the operation panel, journal printer*6and storage box, and improved tabletop and legroom by about 60%.

25% reduction in power consumption achieved

Miniaturization of each device contributes to energy-saving in addition to resource savings, and despite the improvement in ticketing speed, the power consumption of the entire issuing machine has been reduced by 25%.

  • *5:Cybernetics tickets: Tickets that conform to the data standard (cybernetics standards) established by the Congress of Japan Railway Cybernetics are called "cybernetics tickets".
  • *6:Journal printer: A printer that prints the sales report managed by the station.

Resource Circulation / Mitigation of Climate Change

Durability Contributes to Business Efficiency,Conservation of Resources and Energy Savings

Photo of COREFIDO3:Easy-to follow troubleshooting methods are illustrated by picture or animation on the large control panel. CO2 emissions resulting from the dispatch of maintenance staff are reduced by linking with cloud services and smartphones

Freedom from irritation and time wasted until the maintenance staff arrives.this is one of the benefits first experienced by the users of "COREFIDO". The simple LED mechanism enables OKI to provide a free five-year warranty for the COREFIDO.

While the COREFIDO naturally offers the benefits of ease of maintenance, userfriendliness and low running costs, it also contributes to lower environmental burdens through reducing resource consumption due to replacing parts and reducing CO2 emissions as a result of dispatching maintenance staff.

As a result of repeated evolution, the third-generation "COREFIDO3" has a "maintenance barrier-free design" that allows customers to deal with problems in the event they occur. Support for problem-solving by the customers themselves hasbeen further enhanced through the application of cloud technologies and smartphones in addition to pictures and animations on the large control panel.

The durability of the COREFIDO3 realizes "user-friendliness", "cost benefits" and "improved environmental performance" by way of maintenance solutions.The above products are not sold in some areas.

Resource circulation

Recovery of Used Wire Electrodes

Photo of Wire Electrodes

OKI Electric Cable runs a collection service for used wire electrodes and bobbins around which the electric wires are wound. This contributes to reduced running costs as well as reduces environmental burden through effective use of resources. For example, OKI Electric Cable offers a price reduction equivalent to 20 kg of new wire for every 70 kg of used wire collected. OKI Electric Cable pays the cost of the shipping and collection bags, etc. thereby promoting the collection service.

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