Procurement Building Relationships of Trust with Suppliers

Maintaining cooperative relationships with suppliers is becoming increasingly critical for the OKI Group's business growth, including coping with material supply shortages and rising costs of raw materials and energy, and introducing new technologies. We work closely with suppliers not only through daily exchanges of purchasing plans and other information, but also through sharing the OKI Group's long-term business plans and receiving suppliers' proposals on value engineering (VE)(*) and new products. We are also building win-win relationships for the future by sharing market trends and long-term roadmaps for product supply from suppliers.

OKI has prepared and announced a "Declaration of Partnership Building" encouraged by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in line with the purpose of the above initiatives. We strive to further strengthen partnerships between the OKI Group and suppliers in accordance with this declaration, which states OKI's intention to improve operational efficiency by sharing and visualizing information across the entire supply chain, engage in initiatives that increase mutual and collaborative added value through the sharing of purchasing plans, and ensure employees are trained to make judgements and act based on the OKI Group Procurement Policies.

  • * Value engineering (VE):
    A way of reducing production costs without lowering the functional value of products, such as quality and reliability

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