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Donation of a Blood Transport Vehicle to the Japan Red Cross Society

OKI has supported the activities of the Japan Red Cross Society since it launched Japan's first corporate blood drive in 1962. OKI has also donated blood transport vehicles to Red Cross Blood Centers in various areas of Japan since 1996, using the funds collected as part of the OKI 100 Yen Fund of Love and equal amounts provided by the company in a matching gift program.

photo1A vehicle donated to the Japan Red Cross Mie Blood Center

In fiscal 2022, OKI donated a refrigerated blood transport vehicle to the Japan Red Cross Mie Blood Center. OKI has donated a total of 33 vehicles to the Japan Red Cross Center thus far.

Blood drive campaign

As a pioneer in corporate blood drives

On August 21, 1964, OKI launched Japan's first corporate blood drive, inspired by a proposal submitted by a single employee. This event?Japan's first corporate blood drive?was organized with help from the former Japanese Red Cross Society's Central Blood Bank. From OKI, 175 employees participated in the drive campaign, an event reported in newspapers and on TV that inspired other corporate blood drives.

(Left) The first group blood donation campaign held at the plaza located near the entranceway in front of the Shinagawa Station (Right) The present-day regular blood donation campaign

The entire OKI Group has been involved in blood donation programs ever since, and currently over 400 employees participate every year. These activities led to the presentation of the Showa Emperor Memorial Award for Promoting Blood Donations at the 42nd national assembly for promoting blood donations held on July 13, 2006. The award was presented in recognition of OKI's sustained promotion of blood drives for more than 40 years, for OKI's donation of blood transport vehicles and other items to the Red Cross Blood Centers in various areas of Japan from fiscal 1996, for support provided to the Japanese Red Cross Society Homepage, and for organizing and holding donor registration drives for bone-marrow banks at all business sites in Tokyo, Saitama, Gumma, and Shizuoka Prefectures, alongside blood drives, from 2001.

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