Human Resources Management Basic Approach to Human Resources

Basic Approach to Human Resources

The OKI Group has promoted various human resources policies while positioning human resources as one of its most important management resources for adapting to changes in the social environment and for sustainable development. In our Medium-Term Business Plan 2025, "promote measures that enable diverse talent to proactively thrive" is included as a component of "transform into a corporate culture that continually creates value," one of our Material Issues. We have begun activities to transform our corporate culture, centered on the newly established Organizational Culture Reform Department in fiscal year 2023.

Making the participation and growth of diverse human resources into our company's strength is the key to achieving innovation acceleration, creation of future businesses, and development of global operations, as well as steering our company toward growth. To enable diverse and sufficient human resources to proactively take on challenges and grow so that individuals and the organization align their goals, we will promote diversity and inclusion, foster a rewarding organizational culture, implement human resources policies to secure, develop, and assign the right people for the right positions, and create a positive work environment.

Good Labor-Management Relationship through Dialogue

OKI respects the freedom of association and collective bargaining based on the laws in each country and region, and puts great importance on building trust between labor and management. In Japan, OKI holds general labor-management meetings between OKI's top executives and the labor union leaders, and divisional labor management meetings, to sincerely exchange opinions and information on the business environment and labor issues.

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