Human Resources Management Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion

Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Promotion of D&I is a management strategy for strengthening human resources. The OKI Group is a place where diverse human resources gather, and by respecting and valuing diversity, we aim to create innovation, increase motivation, and achieve sustainable organizational growth. In order to create a situation in which human resources with various experiences, knowledge, and skills can play an active role, we will acquire external human resources, diversify the experiences of internal human resources, and promote the diversification of attributes such as gender, age, disability, SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity), and nationality.

Learning about D&I Together

For continuous learning on respecting each other and making the most of diversity, we hold an annual joint learning event on D&I promotion for executives, managers, and general employees of the OKI Group. In fiscal year 2022, we held a seminar based on the theme of "well-being" to give everyone the chance to learn about fostering an organizational culture that enables diverse employees to respect each other as everyone vibrantly works. Approximately 400 employees attended, and 98% of them answered in a questionnaire immediately afterwards that the seminar had been beneficial. We also implemented archive streaming, and approximately 92% of our managers—who play a central role in achieving workplaces that facilitate well-being—participated (non-consolidated OKI result).

Acquisition of External Human Resources

From the perspective of sustainable growth, the OKI Group is working to increase the number of new graduates (by about 40 employees from fiscal year 2023 compared to the previous year) and mid-career hires to secure human resources for existing businesses and simultaneously to advance hiring of human resources with diverse perspectives and knowledge to create new businesses.In addition, from fiscal year 2022, we will introduce a system accepting secondary job employees in addition to the aforementioned secondary job system, and promote the acceptance of human resources in strategic fields on a project basis or short-term employment.

OKI Group (Domestic) Number of New Graduate Hires
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of new graduate hires 259 240 287

Promoting Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

In order to help incrementally motivate female employees from the early stages of their careers, the OKI Group conducts career training for female employees in their fourth year of employment as well as selective leadership strengthening training. We aim to increase the female management ratio to at least 5% (OKI) by April 2026.

In the future, we aim to achieve an equal female management ratio in proportion to the number of female employees, and will continue to strengthen our initiatives for policies to encourage female employees to play an active role.

Employer Action Plan for the Act on the Promotion of Women's Active Engagement in Professional Life

OKI has formulated a general employer action plan in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Women's Active Engagement in Professional Life.

Period of plan

April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2026

OKI's Issues

1: Low percentage of women in management positions.
2: The percentage of men taking childcare leave or other related leave is declining.

Targets and Details of Initiatives/Implementation Period

Target 1: The ratio of female managers to be 5% or more by April 2026.

<Details of Initiative>

  • Implement career training for female employees in their 20s to strengthen their career awareness in the early stages.
  • Conduct training to strengthen the leadership of female employees who are candidates for management positions.
  • Strengthen public relations activities to increase the number of female employees recruited.
Target 2: The acquisition rate of childcare leave and other related leave by male employees to be at least 50% each year. We also aim that all male employees can take childcare leave and other related leave if they want.

<Details of Initiative>

  • Promote taking childcare leave and other related leave for men (hereinafter referred to as "male childcare leave") We will introduce employee benefit using the original character "Baby8-chan" and will introduce people who have taken childcare leave.
  • Conduct a questionnaire to check if those who wish to take childcare leave are able to do so.
  • Raise awareness in the training for newly appointed managers to strengthen diversity management.
Female Executives and Employees and Female Management Ratio
  End of FY2020 End of FY2021 End of FY2022
Number of female executives OKI 2 1 1
OKI Group 5 6 5
Female management ratio OKI 3.3% 3.6% 3.9%
OKI Group 5.3% 5.1% 5.7%
Percentage of female employees OKI 13.1% 13.5% 14.0%
OKI Group 22.9% 23.2% 23.0%

Eruboshi Logo

OKI was recognized for its efforts to promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace, and has received the highest level (Grade 3) of certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare since 2017.

Hiring of Challenged People

The OKI Group hires challenged people with the aim of having challenged employees play an active role in a variety of workplaces without being limited in their job areas or occupations. Our special subsidiary OKI WorkWel employs 83 challenged employees as of June 2023. Among them, 70 with difficulty in commuting work from home in 24 prefectures, utilizing their IT skills for tasks such as building websites. The OKI Group’s employment rate for challenged people(*) in FY2022 (June 2022) was 2.60%.

  • * Employment rate of challenged people is the aggregate of seven special subsidiary-applied Group companies in Japan.
Transition of employment rate for challenged people

Transition of employment rate for challenged people

Promoting Older Employees' Participation in the Workplace

In order to leverage and smoothly pass on the techniques and skills cultivated by employees, OKI supports the workplace participation and diverse work styles of older employees who continue to be hired after retirement. Based on the principle of continued employment in workplaces where the employee can be expected to play the most active role while meeting his/her needs and expertise, we support pre-retirement employees in designing their careers after retirement by holding meetings with them , confirming their career paths and mindset training. In addition, as with regular employees, we have introduced systems that lead to increasing the participation and motivation of older employees, such as target management and evaluation system. The continuous employment system is for all employees who wish to continue working until they reach the age of 65. Since April 2021, we also have a continuous employment system for those who meet certain criteria for employment until they reach the age of 70.

Initiatives for Sexual Minorities

Aiming to become a workplace in which everyone is respected and able to securely demonstrate their abilities, the OKI Group has provided internal consulting service and e-learning materials that allow users to gain basic information at any time about LGBTQ, which refers to sexual minorities. In fiscal year 2021, 99.9% of employees of the OKI Group in Japan took e-learning to help entrench this knowledge.

In April of 2023, OKI introduced its "partnership system," which handles partnerships in which one or both partners are sexual minorities as though they are legally married as to time off, leaves of absence, and certain other in-house systems.

Sentiments Contained in the Diversity Promotion Logo

Diversity Promotion Logo

OKI's diversity promotion logo contains the sentiment that "We will combine each of our differing colors to paint one picture while respecting one another. From that pictures expands a creative, hitherto unseen world that cannot be expressed monochromatically. We will create innovation through diversity." This logo was designed by "OKI Networkers (members who work from home in many parts of the country, including people with severe physical disabilities)" who works for OKI Workwell, a group company.

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