Procurement Fair Purchasing Practices

Legal Compliance Initiatives

In-house training and enlightenment

In accordance with the OKI Group Code of Conduct, the OKI Group strives to select business partners that are fair and non-discriminatory, and to conduct honest and fair transactions.

In order to conduct proper procurement activities, we hold a "Purchasing Law Workshop" twice a year. We provide education and share information on laws and regulations and the OKI Group's measures.

In fiscal 2022, we held online seminars on purchasing legal affairs from September to December, with a total of 756 participants.

Self-inspection and monitoring

In order to comply with laws and regulations, we also conduct monthly monitoring activities on the procurement status of OKI Group companies.

In addition, the OKI Group companies are required to conduct self-inspection activities once a year using the OKI standard self-inspection sheet that reflects the know-how essential to comply with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors. We are working together to resolve issues.

Procurement BCP(Stable Procurement of Materials)

As a company which provides many products in businesses that support social infrastructure, the OKI Group considers it essential to establish a procurement BCP system for ensuring stable procurement of materials in these businesses. We have produced a Groupwide procedural manual in light of the earthquakes, typhoons, torrential rains, and other natural disasters that are occurring frequently in recent years, and are preparing for disasters by regularly examining the locations of our suppliers' manufacturing bases and improving communication protocols for times of emergency. In the event of a disaster, we strive to maintain our supply chain by keeping in contact with suppliers and business partners across the OKI Group and making necessary adjustments.

In fiscal year 2021, a global materials shortage emerged, including semiconductors, as demand rapidly increased for computers and servers worldwide due to the spread of telework and other lifestyle changes with the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by a rapid recovery in demand for automobiles. Materials supply continues to be unstable as measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in China and Southeast Asia have resulted in suspension of plant operations and logistical disruptions. The OKI Group is taking measures, such as promptly sharing the status of materials supply from suppliers with related divisions, as well as providing access to inventory across the Group, searching for products in stock in the market, placing orders early to meet extended lead times, and using alternative products. OKI will continue to work and coordinate with suppliers and business partners in order to secure materials.

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