Environmental ManagementEfforts for Conserving Biodiversity

Efforts for Conserving Biodiversity

The OKI Group has carried out forest conservation activities with the participation of volunteering employees since the 1990's.
(Domestic and international efforts)

In fiscal 2014, the Group made an assessment of its business activities' dependency and impact on eco-system services using the Corporate Ecosystem Services Review (ESR), a method published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The assessment results showed a high dependency on the provisioning services of paper and fresh water used for cleaning and cooling, while a high impact was observed in the regulating services that affect climate changes by greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere through the use of electricity during the business activities and product use. To address these results in an effective manner, the Group will continue to promote the themes of its Environmental Vision including "Realization of low-carbon societies (e.g. greenhouse gas emission reduction)," "Prevention of Pollution (e.g. of water systems, the atmosphere and soil)" and "Resource circulation (e.g. expansion of recycling and minimization of new input resources)," in order to contribute to biodiversity conservation.

The OKI Group will continue to implement pro-active activities toward the achievement of its "OKI Environmental Challenge 2030/2050", and bring about a better global environment to pass on to the next generation.

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