OKI's Efforts for Quality Assurance Product Safety Initiatives

Product Safety Initiatives

Enhancing Safety and Ease of Use

Under its Product Safety Basic Policy, which stipulates details related to complying with laws, regulations, and standards as well as appropriate information disclosure, etc., the OKI Group is committed to enhancing product safety from various perspectives including by incorporating safety requirements not only into its own activities but also into contracts with suppliers. We have also established rules for responding quickly to quality-related problems and we manage the progress of each problem until their cause is corrected and prevented from recurring.

The Group's Cooperative Framework for Responding to Product Accidents

OKI has a set of rules for coping with accidents arising from product deficiency. These rules specify necessary procedures for actions to be taken in case of such accident, including the establishment of a task force, the adoption of a remedial measure, the notification of the accident to the market and society, the implementation of a recall, and the development of a preventive measure. Furthermore, OKI has rolled out these rules to major group companies in order to cope with any accident as a group in a coordinated way.

Product Safety and Technology Compliance Initiatives

In order to improve the safety of its products, the OKI Group has been active in ensuring the full compliance with the "four safety technology laws(*1)" under the leadership of the "Product Safety and Technology Committee." As part of such efforts, we have facilitated communication among corporate management divisions, business divisions and group companies so that each issue can be properly addressed in order to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and certification requirements at all areas of business operation including design, manufacturing, procurement, sales and maintenance services. In addition, problems and improvements at different business units are shared through the Product Safety and Technology Committee in order to equalize the level of product safety and technology compliance of these units.

  • *1: The four safety technology laws consist of major legal requirements and voluntary regulations pertaining to the safety of information technology equipment in Japan. More specifically, they are the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, the Telecommunications Business Laws, the Radio Law, and the Regulations of the Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment (VCCI).

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