Environmental Management Collaboration with external organizations

OKI promotes environmental activities in cooperation with the following external organizations.

Climate Change

  • Global Warming Prevention Liaison Committee:

    The Global Warming Prevention Liaison Committee is the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, which aims to implement the "Carbon Neutral Action Plan" advocated by Keidanren. (JEITA).
    OKI will reduce life-cycle CO2 emissions, including at its sites, while taking into account the consistency with JEITA's Carbon Neutrality Action Plan.
    Our goal is to increase the number of environment-contributing products that contribute to carbon neutrality.

  • Challenge Zero (Challenge Net Zero Carbon Innovation):

    The Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), in cooperation with the Japanese government, is working to establish an international framework for tackling climate change.
    The long-term goal of the Paris Agreement is to realize a "decarbonized society."
    It is an initiative that strongly transmits and supports actions at home and abroad.
    OKI does not stop at listing examples of "Challenge Zero," but also introduces innovations that lead to products and services that help solve a wide range of environmental issues.
    we will take on the challenge of creating.

  • Climate Change Initiative (JCI):

    The Climate Change Initiative provides information and exchanges of opinions among companies, local governments and NGOs that are actively working on climate change measures.
    It is a network for strengthening. We aim to have Japan participate in the global front line of decarbonization.
    By participating in the Climate Change Initiative, OKI will strengthen climate change measures by co-creating with a wide range of partners, and contribute to a decarbonized society.
    We will contribute to the realization of this goal.

Pollution Prevention

  • Article Management Promotion Council (JAMP: Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium):

    Appropriate management of information on chemical substances contained in articles (parts, moldings, etc.) to ensure smooth operations in the supply chain
    It is an organization whose purpose is to create and disseminate concrete mechanisms for disclosure and dissemination.
    OKI, in cooperation with JAMP and participating companies, is working to disseminate the chemSHERPA questionnaire for chemical substances contained in products developed by JAMP.
    for more information.

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