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OKI printer sharpens focus for the Whiteoaks Consultancy


Based in Farnham, Surrey, Whiteoaks is the number one technology PR consultancy outside of London. In order to retain its existing clients and attract new ones, Whiteoaks needs to ensure that the quality of its printed documentation is of the highest possible standard. Over time, Whiteoaks had become increasingly aware that its existing printing solutions would not support the delivery speeds as well as the depth, detail and accuracy of colour output it required. Conscious of this need for optimal quality, Whiteoaks decided to take “the OKI Challenge”. Under the terms of the agreement, OKI installed a high-performance C5950 printer and provided the consultancy with one month’s usage, completely free-of-charge. Throughout this period, Whiteoaks used the OKI printer to deliver a broad range of documents including client reports, press clipping books and presentations.

“ Having the OKI C5950 printer has saved us a significant amount of time and reduced the expense of having to regularly outsource work to external print houses.” James Kelliher, CEO, Whiteoaks

Download the full case study to find out how the OKI C5950 has enabled Whiteoaks to easily create high-impact marketing material and maintain brand consistency. 

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