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Palme Duschen

Austrian bathroom fixtures retailer

OKI provides clean Managed Print Solution for PALME Duschen

"Founded by the Prader family in 1972, bathroom fixtures retailer PALME Duschen is renowned for its innovative shower stall designs. It develops and manufactures product ranges and custom designs from its production facility in Taufkirchen, Austria. At the heart of PALME Duschen’s IT is an ERP system which printers and other devices must be compatible with. Printers often run at top speed to produce documents, including delivery notes, invoices and quotes. The printer infrastructure had become highly extensive, with printing supplies taking up an entire room at one point. Prior to working with OKI, PALME Duschen operated a host of individual programmes in order to meet its extensive requirements. Incorporating all user requirements was another key priority. All areas of concern were taken into consideration  
and addressed by OKI in order to find the ideal solution to improve efficiencies and meet PALME Duschen’s print requirements."
“Of all the potential partners we considered, OKI provided  the most conclusive assessment for a suitable and optimised solution,” Johann Hosner, Managing Director, PALME Duschen
Download the full case study to find out how PALME Duschen benefitted from OKI's Managed Print Services. 

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