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Designing and producing various types and sizes of cardboard packaging and displays.

OKI provides a game changing solution for Monsterbox with its ColourPainter technology

Since 2010, Monsterbox has offered unique services for producing smaller quantities of packaging, displays and other POS materials. Until recently there was no good solution available for short-run production of affordable cardboard packaging, displays and POS materials. Many companies who were looking for unique ways to showcase themselves at sales pitches, trade fairs or as part of projects including pilot campaigns for product launches, did not have access to an end-to-end solution that covered everything from design and development through to production. Thanks to the high-quality OKI ColorPainter solution, Monsterbox is now able to meet the high expectations of its customers. In addition to the solution's benefits in terms of media flexibility and the quality of the output, the OKI solution provides many other advantages that make the ColorPainter the obvious choice, providing speed, reliability and ease of use which were requirements were at the top of Monsterbox’s wish list. 
"The quality of the OKI solution is undeniable. The colour fastness, as well as, for example, the UV resistance and scratch resistance of the output, are essential." Martin Wuijster — Sales Manager at Sihl Direct, which has been advising Monsterbox in the field of media and hardware for a number of years.
Download the full case study to find out how OKI was able to meet Monsterbox’s requirements with the OKI ColourPainter solution.

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