Signage Printing

What is Signage Printing

This solution allows you to distribute and manage signage and also create original signage. It makes on-demand printing at individual stores possible to help reduce expenses.

Meets the following types of needs:

How do I distribute and manage signage ?

This solution makes it possible to distribute consistent signage to individual stores without incurring shipping costs by creating the signage all at once at the headquarters and storing it on a cloud service. On the management screen at the headquarters it is also possible to confirm the print status of the signage at each store.

How do I create my own signage ?

You can design and create your own business cards, restaurant menus, and other signage using a large selection of design templates. Even tasks that would normally take time and money can be accomplished with on-demand printing to reduce expenses.

Related Solution

SENDYS Explorer

Sendys explorer logo
Signage files can be placed in the Public folder or Box folder on SENDYS Explorer from the headquarters or other location, and then the signage can be printed out directly without a computer from the operations panel of an OKI Digital multifunction printer set up at the store or elsewhere.
Sendys explorer table


SignDirector logo
When the format is a head office and stores and signage is used at the stores, signage created all at once at the head office can be distributed and managed at the store level and printed using on-demand printing at the stores. In addition, print settings are embedded in the signage data to prevent the stores from making printing errors. It is a solution with the potential to both reduce paper shipping costs and expedite signage distribution.
SignDirector table

Template Manager

Use of Template Manager makes it possible to produce printed materials such as banners, labels and business cards in-house. Select from a wide variety of design templates to easily produce both designs and printouts.
Template Manager table

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