Print Cost Management

What is Print Cost Management

Restrictions can be set on print volume at the individual and organization levels, and usage restrictions can also be placed on color printing to make it possible to reduce total printing costs. Remote monitoring can also be employed to ensure no unauthorized printouts are made as well as to maintain optimal supply, which means this solution can help you reduce total costs.

Meets the following types of needs:

How do I reduce printing costs ?

You can set restrictions on print volume by user or organization and set restrictions on use of color printing to make it possible to reduce total printing costs.

How do I make total print volume transparent ?

This solution allows you to record and compile data on when documents are printed, who prints them and how many sheets are used, as well as monthly trends and other data. This enables you to make print volume and printing costs transparent for the company as a whole and for each organization.

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Using sPSV allows you to calculate print volume for each user and organization, set restrictions on color printing, and establish a maximum limit for monthly print volume. This makes printing costs more transparent to allow costs to be reduced.

PaperCut MF

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PaperCut MF is an easy to use, cost effective print accounting and management software designed to help organizations save money by preventing excess and unauthorized printing, copying, scanning and faxing.  Its unique design allows it to scale easily making it suitable for sites of all sizes regardless of network environment, platform, or type of print device.  Compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell networks assures installation virtually anywhere.
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Output Manager

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Sendys Output Manager is powerful device management tool from Alidata. It is a scalable, vendor agnostic solution that enables organisations to centrally manage and optimise their print and copy workflow. It provides the ability to enforce rules, quotas and user notifications, resulting in cost management and higher levels of security across the business. Available also as a mobile app, Sendys Output Manager also allows you to manage your print queues, access devices through user authentication to copy or scan, upload files to print and use your camera as a scanner, therefore increasing productivity whilst on the move.
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The trusted solution for cost effective and secure office printing FollowMe is the complete document output management solution which helps organizations reduce printing costs by up to 60%, protects valuable data, and improves the efficiency of printing environments. Whether you are operating a printing environment or implementing a Managed Print Service (MPS) strategy, FollowMe works with output devices from any printer manufacturer, and ensures usability and adaptability within diverse printing environments, supporting both host and office printing.
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