How secure is your MFP

OKI’s recommendations for compliant data printing

To keep personal data printing and the handling of documents containing personal data compliant, it is recommended that a strategy is implemented.
Firstly, this should include restricting all access to personal data from those who have the correct security clearance.
The printing of sensitive data should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. In some cases, such as providing payslips, printing contracts and printing envelopes or labels for direct mailers, this can be hard to avoid. Ensuring the printers used for these purposes include the relevant security features is therefore vital for compliance.
When sensitive data is printed, a rigid process must be followed, allowing those responsible for the organisation’s data compliance oversee all data handling activity.
No matter how well protected data is, measures must be in place to prevent any fall out from a potential breach of data.

Potential areas of security risk on your MFP

Output Tray

One of the biggest sources of data loss is the printer output tray. It is paramount that the individual responsible for printing the data ensures that it is not left in the output tray of the intended printer or sent to the wrong device and potentially ending up in the wrong hands.
To prevent data loss from the output tray, OKI’s products offer employee authentication, requiring the individual that sent the job to the printer to be present at the device when the data is printed.
OKI's devices include a feature to restrict user access as well as pull printing functionality enabling users to retrieve print jobs from any device on the company network (OKI Sendys Output Manager). 


Sensitive data can be stored and accessed in a printing device’s storage media. In order to provide the best possible protection of data held, OKI's devices provide hard disk encryption in 128 or 256 bit.
For additional protection, users can also set OKI’s devices to automatically erase the print job memory after sending sensitive data in Private Print mode. Optional data overwrite kit on some models reformats the hard disk for an additional level of protection.
With OKI Sendys Output Manager, sensitive data can be held centrally without being contained by the storage media on the printing device.

Control Panel

When unlocked, a device’s control panel can pose a significant risk by enabling the wrong user to adjust important settings, whether intentionally or unintentionally. To counter this, OKI’s devices feature locking operation panels and include the ability to change admin passwords, requiring user authentication for those attempting to change device settings or access stored data.
OKI's devices can be configured to only allow authorised administrators to adjust settings. IC Card authentication can also be used, so only personnel that are supplied with cards can access the device settings.  
Encrypted jobs can also be retrieved with access restrictions, only allowing those who should have access to the data to retrieve the encrypted job. Data can be further protected by disabling USB ports and data scanned can be processed directly into encrypted PDF format. 


It is vital that organisations ensure their own networks are secure to protect their business and data.
OKI's devices make use of certificates, IP filtering and network security protocols (IEEE802, IPSec and SSL) to secure data.

Printer Driver

To provide an extra step towards safeguarding printed data, OKI’s devices can embed printed documents with security watermarks. In the driver you can select Private Print and choose PIN and / or IC Card release.


The rise in cloud connectivity means that the likelihood of data interceptions and breaches are increased through the ability to connect to external locations. OKI’s devices are supplied with Sendys Explorer enabling users to select optional connectors (eg One Drive, Google, SharePoint, Dropbox). This helps to manage infrastructure and prevents unauthorised access, secures document confidentiality, secures mobile print and provides a full audit trail of printing activities

In Conclusion...

Organisations must ensure that every aspect of data handling is taken seriously and this includes the printing and processing of sensitive personal data. These capabilities have been developed by OKI to enable users of its printers to operate confidently, safely and responsibly. 

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