Managed Print And Document Solutions

Smart Managed Print Services

Through a process of consultation and analysis we will identify your specific business needs and recommend a flexible solution to optimise your print and document output. This will provide the opportunity to reduce costs, whilst delivering workflow efficiencies, saving you time and your business money.
With a wide portfolio of products OKI is able to address the needs of workgroups of different sizes and industry types by installing the right device in the right place. Whether it be in an environment such as small to medium office, medical, retail, graphic arts, education, home office and more, OKI can provide the correct print solution based on the individual needs.

MPS Benefits

OKI Smart Managed Print Services benefits a business because it makes the cost of printing very clear and levels out the running costs. As a result MPS is beneficial to most business big or small. It also takes care of the collection of meter reads and automates the supply of consumables to selected OKI devices under a contract.

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