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Printers for Sale Australia

Buy Printers in Australia - OKI Printers

We are the leading global manufacturer of printing solutions. As a subsidiary of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. in Japan, OKI Australia is part of a worldwide business that pioneered LED technology in printers more than 30 years ago.

Our printers for sale in Australia are the number one option for businesses large and small to print documents to a professional quality in- house. We know that printers are not a luxury office accessory; they are integral to business communication and to success.

With a range of solutions to optimise print and document workflow and an integrated suite of software technologies and tools, our secure environment allows printing solutions whether office- based, mobile or via the Cloud. We believe we are the best place to buy a printer online in Australia.

OKI Printers in Australia - Innovation since 1989.

We have been at the forefront of printer technology since we pioneered the very first LED printers more than 30 years ago. Not only were we the first to create the smallest A4 printer in the world, but we also introduced the world’s first real- time internet fax in 1999.

Since then, our ground- breaking technology has been at the forefront of digital printing solutions, from the world’s first A4 colour multifunction printer in 2005 to the world’s first digital LED white toner printers in 2012.

We are always working to create printing technologies, accessories and software to give businesses the ability to create professional prints without having to outsource them.

Australia's best printers for sale

Here at OKI, we are dedicated to creating eco- friendly products. With our LED technology, print jobs can be completed quickly, and use less electricity when in standby.

We are members of TechCollect, a nationwide service that offers recycling for end- of- life electronic and computing equipment. Supported throughout the IT and Data industries, and by the Australian Government, their aim is to cut the amount of electronic waste in landfill.

Close the Loop offer best in class sustainability solutions, specialising in the recovery and reuse of consumables. OKI customers can register with Close the Loop to have their consumables taken away and recycled at no cost to you - look for the green leaf symbol on all our packaging. This is a reminder of OKI’s dedication to conservation, through our collection, recycling and environmental processes.

Buying printers in Australia - the OKI difference

When it’s time to buy a printer in Australia, you’ll find that OKI has such a wide range of printers and accessories that we can provide the exact solution that you need.

Whether you are looking for a top- of- the- range A3 printer that can produce professional- quality prints or a multi- functional printer that can handle scanning, printing and faxing, we have the exactly what you need.- Our friendly, knowledgeable team are waiting to talk you through your requirements so that we can give you all the information you need to make the right decision on your printing.

Take some time to browse through our products, and if you need some specialist advice, then fill out this form and our team of experienced consultants can conduct a comprehensive print and document management assessment.
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