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LED Printers

Choose OKI Data for Your New LED Printer Instead Laser Printer

If you’re looking for a new LED printer or laser printer in Australia, trust in OKI Data to provide you with some of the most advanced printers available. 

OKI Electronics started out in 1881, and since then, we have endeavoured to be at the top of our game in everything that we’ve done, including our printer production. When modern-day printing made an appearance in the world of technology, the laser printer became one of the most innovative machines.

Over the course of the last 10 years, the laser printers has gone above and beyond what anyone expected as a replacement for the inkjet printer in the office / workplace scene. The laser printer uses a toner as opposed to ink and is ideal for the high volume printing that you’d experience in office settings.

Laser Printer Vs LED Printer?

An LED printer is the not too distant, but younger cousin of a laser printer. However, there are some differences. As opposed to the use of a precisely focused laser beam that allows a laser printer to effectively operate by tracking back and forth across a photosensitive drum, a LED printer uses a series of LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes to in effect ‘melt’ the toner across the aforementioned photosensitive drum.

LED printers were in fact invented by OKI Electrical back in 1981, and they are still just as prevalent, if not more prevalent and popular than they were then, today. 

So should you buy an LED printer or a Laser printer?

If you need to purchase a laser printer for office use, we definitely recommend using a LED printer over a laser printer. There are several reasons for this.

H3: The size of the printers

When comparing LED to laser printers, the LED is lighter and simpler, requiring much less physical space than its laser counterpart. The printer is still able to hold the 4 toner cartridges required to produce full coloured documents.

H3: They are quieter
Much like it takes up less physical space than a laser printer, in an office space where phone calls happen frequently and often loudly, one of the biggest benefits of choosing LED over laser is that they are quieter. This is because they have less (in fact, there are none) moving parts than their laser counterparts.

H3: They are more efficient

Finally, when compared to their laser counterparts, the LED printers are far more efficient. Why? Because they are far less likely to break than their laser counterparts. This can be accredited to the lack of moving parts in an LED printer and because the LEDs ‘blink’ to melt the toner as opposed to moving. In addition to this, the cost of running an LED printer is less. They require far less complex parts than the concentrated laser beam required of this type of printer.

There are many great benefits to be had from choosing to use an LED printer as opposed to a laser printer. To discover more of these, feel free to have a look at our range of LED printers that are available on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us via our online contact form.

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