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Counterfeit imaging supplies are proven to be dangerous and an infringement of intellectual property rights. To help protect you, OKI is introducing a new hologram label to its Original Consumables packaging.

What are counterfeit printing consumables?

  • Counterfeit can be imitation packaging or product that is passed off as a genuine consumable produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OKI)
  • Counterfeit product is often manufactured under poor conditions with the proceeds from sales linked to organized crime and terrorism
  • Counterfeit imaging supplies can present a very real threat to your personal health and safety, your work environment and the investment you have made in your printer
  • It is illegal to knowingly sell, be in possession of, use or distribute counterfeit imaging supplies
  • Always buy your OKI Original Consumables from an authorized OKI Reseller

How will OKI’s new hologram help to protect you?

The new hologram label features a number of important security measures that are designed to be beyond the reach of counterfeiters and also provide you with a simple process to check the authenticity of your consumables.

Genuine or counterfeit?

The new hologram label looks like this:

Check the authenticity of your consumables in seconds

The key visual security features are the alternating images which appear in the box to the left of the OKI logo and the horizontal band behind the security code.

Fig 1. By twisting the hologram at different angles, four separate elements will appear.

Fig 2. By turning the product packaging and hologram through a 90º turn, the horizontal band will alternate between positive and negative background colours.

If you are unsure if the above elements are working correctly or have any doubts about the integrity of the consumables you have purchased, click under link to enter the unique security code shown on the hologram to verify its authenticity.

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