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OKI Success Story: Archie Rose - Pro10 Label Printer


OKI’s Label Printer Streamlines Leading Australian Distillery’s Custom Label Offering

OKI Success Story: Archie Rose - OKI Label Printer Pro1040 Pro1050

OKI Label Printer Pro1050
OKI Label Printer Pro10
The Challenge

A bespoke distillery, Archie Rose has a popular personalisation offering known as the Tailored Spirits Experience whereby people have the opportunity to customise the liquid and label for their own personalised bottle or case of gin or vodka. Before bringing their printing process inhouse, Archie Rose relied on an external printing partner to create their custom labels. Outsourcing this process meant that their turnaround time could often be lengthy, especially if a mistake was made in spelling and the label needed to be redone.

As the personalisation offer became particularly popular around key holidays or as a gift for weddings and milestone birthdays—having a prompt and efficient turnaround time became imperative. Outsourcing the Tailored Spirits Experience to a printing partner was also expensive with the additional costs associated with freight and wastage.

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