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A Document Management Solution that will help companies of any size fulfil their document workflow needs, maximising efficiencies from capture to distribution.

SENDYS Explorer enables the user to convert documents and distribute or upload to a chosen location, providing greater flexibility to edit, access, print, retrieve and share files.

Discover how SENDYS Explorer can improve efficiencies in your organisation

  • Convert and upload bulk documents
  • Transform scanned documents into editable formats
  • Accessible and convenient retrieval of documents
  • Enhanced security and control
  • Centralised administration
  • ‘Lite’ Document Management System is included to access, track and search within scanned jobs
  • Send emails with documents attached to be converted, stored and printed
  • Several devices can be registered on the same license

Document capture and conversion:

SENDYS Explorer can be used with various document input sources, including MFP, smartphone/tablet camera (via Android and iOS apps), desktop web interface and email. Integrated OCR processing enables automated data capture and bulk document conversion tasks can be performed, transforming scanned documents into a wide range of editable formats including TXT, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, searchable PDF and PDF/A.

Document Control

Document security can be increased in several ways with SENDYS Explorer. Administrators can set up security policies where user authentication via username / password, PIN or RIFD card is required in order to print and retrieve a document securely.

Print on-the-go

SENDYS Explorer is available as a mobile app also. You can use your smartphone camera to create scans and convert documents to editable formats as all scan connectors (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint) are accessible through the mobile app.

Easily retrieve and print documents on-the-go. With SENDYS Explorer you can also print any document which has been scanned or retrieved from the cloud directly from the MFP panel, smartphone/tablet or web interface. This time-saving solution provides the user convenience to print on demand.

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