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With an ever increasing mobile workforce and the continued popularity of tablets, smartphones and laptops, printing documents where and when you need them adds a whole new meaning to ‘printing on-demand’ – providing you have access to a compatible device.

How does mobile printing work?

Cloud or mobile printing works by connecting to a network, wireless or web-enabled printer through a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to print remotely from anywhere in the world, without having to connect directly to a printing device.

OKI products and mobile printing

OKI printers are compatible with a number of device agnostic applications available, so you can download an application of your choice that enables you to print to almost any device simply through a single mobile printing application.

AirPrint (Apple Inc.)

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple Inc has developed a mobile printing solution called AirPrint that makes printing from Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch easy. All you need is a compatible Apple iOS device and an OKI printer that supports AirPrint. There is no need to download software or printer drivers or to configure or set-up your iOS or printer device. You simply need to ensure that the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iOS device.

Supported OKI printers*


Mono Printers 

B412dnB432dnB512dn, B721dnB731dn

Colour Printers 

C332dnC532dn, C650C834

Mono Multifunction Printers 

MB451dnw, MB471dnw, MB472dnwMB491dn, MB492dnMB562dnwMB760dnfax,  MB770dfnfax


Colour Multifunction Printers

MC342dnw, MC362dnw, MC363dn, MC562dnw, MC563dn, MC573dn, MC770dnfax, MC780dfnfax, MC853MC873 

Mobile Print app (OKI)

Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Mobile Print application by OKI will print PDF's (*1), photos and web pages from your device to OKI LED printers and Multi-function devices. Print to OKI pritners and MFP's on your wireless LAN and across subnets to your wired LAN environment.

*1 OKI Printer or MFP must support PDF direct printing. Can not be previewed within application.

For further information and to download theMobile Print app, visit  App Store (iOS)  or  Google Play (Android).

ePrint app (Microtech Corp)

Compatible with iOS and Android devices


ePrint from Microtech is a mobile printing app for your iOS and Android devices. It enables you to print cards and calendar pages using photos stored in your device library, print notes taken within the app, and print a list of selected contacts.

For further information and to download the ePrint app, visit Microtech Corp's website

Download the OKI Mobile Print app

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