SENDYS Output Manager

Sendys Output Manager

A powerful device management tool that enables organisations to centrally manage and optimise their print and copy workflow

SENDYS Output Manager provides the ability to enforce rules, quotas and user notifications, resulting in cost management and higher levels of security across the business. Available also as a mobile app, it also allows you to manage your print queues, access devices through user authentication to copy or scan, upload files to print and use your camera as a scanner, therefore increasing productivity whilst on the move.

Discover the benefits

  • Print securely from any location and release anywhere
  • Universal print driver, web printing and scan to desktop (agent version)
  • Remove expensive desktop printers
  • Protect document confidentiality
  • Manage device access (PIN, RFID card, login authentication)
  • Cost allocation and recovery (charging per copy, print, scan)
  • Optimise workflow by enforcing rules, links and notifications
  • Centralise administration and usage tracking (cost by user, device)
  • Minimise printed waste (costs) and reduce carbon footprint
SENDYS Output Manager print from any device

Reporting, analysis and policy setting

Sendys Output Manager comes with a web interface for remote access configuration and system management. It allows the administrator to view reports, apply print policies, manage cost control and make informed decisions on device consolidation. Preset and customised reports can be downloaded as PDF, CSV, RTF, TIFF and MHTML.
SENDYS Output Manager dashboard

The user has full visibility and control of print and copy usage, by user or department via multiple dashboards. In addition to this, they are able to track print jobs, device status and consumables levels. As a result, Sendys Output Manager helps reduce unnecessary duplicate printing and encourages digitisation of documents.

For more details about Sendys Output Manager visit www.sendysexplorer.com

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