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Information terminal equipment product standards

Resource saving
  • Two items (one item for ATMs) or more of the mass, volume or number of parts of the product shall be reduced compared with a conventional product or per unit performance.
  • The product shall have a structure that enables upgrade of performance or function (excluding customer-specific products).
  • The packaging space volume ratio of the packaging box shall be improved compared to a conventional product. Or the space volume ratio shall be within 30%.
Ease of recycling
  • Recyclability shall be 60% or more (70% or more for ATMs).
  • Label of small secondary batteries (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, Pb) shall be indicated and the structure such that they can be easily separated.
  • No special tools shall be required for dismantling.
  • Paper-based packaging materials shall not be bonded to plastic etc.
Energy conservation
  • Product power consumption shall be reduced.
Regulations on hazardous substances
  • The plastic parts that make up the product shall not contain cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium or specific brominated flame retardants (PBB, PBBE).

Product information

  • ATM
  • Financial terminal
    • Post office counter terminal (V-type) CTM-V

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