Risk Management/Compliance Steady Promotion of Risk Management

Steady Promotion of Risk Management

Risk Management Initiatives

The OKI Group has established the Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by the President and includes inside and outside Audit & Supervisory Board members as advisors, to ensure that risks related to corporate activities are grasped and managed properly. The Committee deliberates and decides on basic policies for risk management and identifies risks to be managed based on such policies and responsible divisions. It also deliberates and decides on policies for preventing the materialization of risks and policies to address crisis scenarios.

Risks inherent in each division and subsidiary is categorized to stipulate risk fields, and then the division in charge of each risk field provides relevant risk-management support, guidance, and advice to each division and subsidiary throughout the Group. In addition, we strive to implement business-specific risk management based on an awareness and understanding of risks related to each business.

Through the above management, risks inherent in the OKI Group are defined as falling into three categories: risks that should be managed at the management level (management risks), risks that should be managed and identified in relation to business activity (business risks), and risk fields that are common to divisions and subsidiaries and should be managed across the Group in particular (common risks). We develop materialization prevention measures to be implemented within the Group, and, to swiftly identify and resolve problems, we also established the OKI Group Risk Incidents Reporting System, which ensures that potential risk events, crises, and situations that may lead to such events are promptly reported to the Risk Management Committee.

Overview of the OKI Group's Risk Management

Overview of the OKI Group's Risk Management

  • * Management risks include business risks and common risks that have a large effect on our management.

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Emergency and Disaster Response

The OKI Group has established Safety Countermeasure Committees at its sites and subsidiaries in order to "protect people's lives," "prevent secondary accidents," "contribute to local communities and foster good relationships with them," and to ensure the "continuity of business operations" in the event of disasters. Among them, OKI established and conducts regular reviews of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) / Business Continuity Plan (BCP) based on the BCM Development Guidelines in each division to ensure the "continuity of business operations" in the case of not only disasters but other situations as well. In addition, we are supporting independent social contribution activities by employees, including the development of a paid leave system that can be applied to participation in volunteer activities, such as disaster recovery support.

In March of 2023, OKI obtained "Resilience Certification for contribution to national resilience" certification as a company that complies with the requirements of certification for organizations that contribute to national resilience.

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