Environmental Management OKI Group's Mid- to Long-term Environmental Targets OKI Group's Environmental Vision 2030/2050

Promote fusion of environmental and management concerns, leverage OKI’s comprehensive capabilities to develop and support safer and more convenient social infrastructure, and help achieve SDGs.

Ⅰ.Prevention of Global Warming

SDGs 7/13

FY2030※1: 42% CO2 emissions reduction at OKI sites*1 and 25% CO2 emissions reduction at suppliers*2 and from the use of products*3 (compared to FY2020)
FY2050: Net zero CO2 emissions at OKI site and the entire value chain*1, Net zero power consumption by new products*4 ※2

Image of CO2 emission reduction targets at our own bases, suppliers, and during product use

Measures for OKI Sites
Promote the following measures to achieve zero CO2 emissions at sites (ZEB, etc.)
  • Ensuring energy conservation: Increasing the efficiency of production facilities and facilities at each site, increasing the efficiency of all operations.
  • Introducing renewable energy: Installing renewable energy facilities at each site, contracting for electricity derived from renewable energy, etc.
Measures for Suppliers
  • Strengthening communication with suppliers, procuring components from manufacturers with low CO2 emissions
Measures Taken When Using Products
  • Power saving in hardware products, technology development, selection of power-saving parts, and reduction in the number of parts

Ⅱ.Contribution to Achieving SDGs

SDGs 3/6/7/9/11/12/13/14

FY2030: Through (i) and (ii) below, contribute to achieving the targeted reductions in environmental impact set out by the 2030 SDGs

(i) Generate innovative products and services and provide solutions conducive to resolving a wide range of environmental issues. Environmental Contribution Product Net Sales Ratio of 50% or more.
(ii) Realize innovative technologies for manufacturing and creating things in the value chain, including workplaces

FY2050: In addition to preventing global warming and adapting to climate change, we will promote innovation in products and services that contribute to solving environmental issues, and support social infrastructure by promoting development and provision.

  • ※1 SBT1.5℃ standard certified
  • ※2 Compliant with SBT Net zero standards (applying in progress)
  • *1 SCOPE1 (CO2 generated by fuel use at company sites, leakage of alternative chlorofluorocarbons in air conditioners, use of company vehicles, etc.)+ SCOPE2 (CO2 generated from electricity use at company sites)
  • *2 Category 1 of SCOPE 3(CO2 generated from the manufacture of procured items related to purchased products and services:Calculated as "procurement cost of raw materials and other materials x CO2 emission factor by item".)
  • *3 Category 11 of SCOPE 3(CO2 generated by use of sold products:Calculated as "annual power consumption of the product x estimated useful life x number of units sold x CO2 emission factor of the area of use".)
  • *4 Reduce CO2 emissions by more than 90% compared to FY2020, covering 90% of all SCOPE 1 to 3 categories, and achieve Net zero through neutralization by carbon removal, etc.

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