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20151214084244153-44575709_tray.png/44575709_tray.pngAdditional Paper Tray 44575714 Capacity of 530 sheets of 80gsm. BUY NOW
banner_A4_900x210_160gsm.jpgA4 Banner Paper 210 x 900mm 09004651 BUY NOW
banner_215x1200_160gsm.jpgA4+ Banner Paper 215 x 1200mm 09004450 BUY NOW
CD_solution.jpgCD Labels and Case Inserts 09004185 BUY NOW


Item Type Notes Shop Now
20151216000117974-45807102_toner_k.png/45807102_toner_k.pngBlack Toner cartridge 45807102 3,000 pages *1 BUY NOW
20151216000118082-45807106_toner_k.png/45807106_toner_k.pngBlack Large capacity toner cartridge 45807106 7,000 pages *1 BUY NOW
20151216000118158-45807111_toner_k.png/45807111_toner_k.pngBlack Ultra-high capacity print cartridge 45807111 12,000 pages *1 BUY NOW
20151216000109302-44574302_ID.png/44574302_ID.pngBlack Image Drum 44574302 25,000 pages *2 BUY NOW

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19752.

*2 Average A4 life based on a typical office environment.

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