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Message from Top Management

Takahiro Mori
Representative Director and CEO

Since our inception, OKI has always identified issues faced by our customers on their frontline and helped address them by providing products and services that support mission-critical social infrastructure thorough its over 140-year history. We believe that delivering safety and peace of mind to customers and gaining the trust of stakeholders through these activities forms the foundation for enhancing corporate value.

Today, Japan faces a number of emerging issues, including labor shortages and aging infrastructure. Moreover, the business environment surrounding OKI is continuously evolving, driven by intensifying environmental issues, as well as technological innovation such as 5G/AI and paradigm shift resulting from COVID-19.

To address the social issues brought about by such environmental changes, we are working to accelerate innovation through co-creation and working to strengthen our management base through structural reforms. With our installed bases(*1) and strong customer base built up over our long history as the source of value creation, we aim to address social issues identified in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the dual-pronged approach of Mono-zukuri, which resolves real life (edge) issues and Koto-zukuri, which provides solutions and services that collaborate edge with cloud in real time.

In April 2023, we carried out significant organizational reforms to ensure "steering toward growth" and "responding to business environment changes" under the new Medium-Term Business Plan. We will strive to resolve issues in society through our strength of AI edge technology and Mono-zukuri in developing products and services that will deliver "OK!" to the lives of every customer.

I look forward to your continued support and understanding in the future.

  • *1 installed bases: A track record of providing device groups at edge domains, and solutions centered on those device groups

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