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DE MULLER is a prestigious Spanish wine producer and exporter producing more than 50 varieties of wine which are exported around the world. With such a wide portfolio, DE MULLER required a label printer to master the complex task of printing durable high quality labels in various languages, that adhere to the regulations for different global markets.

OKI helps Spanish winery DE MULLER refine its label printing process

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DE MULLER has been passionately producing wines since 1851 and manages the entire end-to-end process, from harvesting its own grapes to bottling, distributing, and exporting its high-quality and prestigious wines around the world and required good quality labels to aesthetically reflect the quality of the wine.

DE MULLER required a reliable label printer to help master the complex task of batch printing durable, high quality wine bottle labels on a variety of media, often with tight lead times. However, labels produced by DE MULLER’s original inkjet printer were susceptible to various issues such as ink bleed as well as lack of clarity and sharpness in label text and images. This often led to missing or illegible product information and the scanning of barcodes a challenge.  Since installing OKI’s Pro1050 5 Colour Label Printer, the wine producer can now print labels in a professional quality, quickly and efficiently on a variety of label media including water resistant. The ease of use and flexibility provided by OKI’s Pro1050 also allows DE MULLER to change and customise label batches at very short notice, while still meeting production deadlines.

"Having OKI’s Pro1050 makes it easier to be more self-sufficient, so we don’t have to rely on a third-party supplier. We have increased the reprint volume and deliver the right quantity and quality to the customer at a more affordable cost” – Eli Sainz, Head of the Promotions, DE MULLER

Read the full case study to find out more about how OKI’s Pro1050 has helped DE MULLER improve customer satisfaction by producing higher quality labels more efficiently and cost effectively.

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