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  • 5-colour LED
  • Digital transfer printing
  • Digital transfer printing technology
  • Screen printing
  • Digital transfer printing

The Pro9541WT is the world’s first-ever 5-colour, LED device to deliver 329mm x 483mm digital transfer printing technology. An industry first, the Pro9541WT takes digital transfer and screen printing in 5 colours (CMYK+W) on demand.


The Pro9541WT is an industry first offering A3+ (329mm x 483mm) digital transfer printing. This innovative device integrates single pass, 5-colour printing technology and a special toner formula to deliver “true” black and vibrant CMYK colours. The unique white-trapping feature achieves finer, more precise graphic details on dark backgrounds.  Unlike other competitor models, the Pro9541WT prints 1200 x 1200 dpi making it a preferred choice for commercial printers and the promotional merchandising market.

5 Colour single-pass transfer printing - Print in 'true' black, brilliant white and vibrant CMYK for luminous results on demand

The Pro9541WT is an affordable 5 colour digital transfer printer with a low total cost of ownership. Print brilliant colour, opaque white, and true black...all at the same time in a single pass! The Pro9541WT provides users additional cost-savings and crisp results with the ability to use true black (K) in-place of composite black (CMY) and the white-trapping feature achieves finer, more precise graphics and text. A quick and easy alternative to screen and direct to garment printing, the Pro9541WT is perfect for small scale production of custom textile and goods.

  • 5 colour digital transfer printing for highly creative, intricate designs
  • Print in true black for luxurious cost effective colour
  • White- trapping feature for more precise graphics and text
  • Single pass printing for quick results

Print and apply on almost anything - No cutting or weeding required

Extend your in-house printing capabilities with CMYK+White toner printing. Produce vibrant, full-colour heat transfer designs for both light and dark textiles, acrylic, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, promotional merchandise and more - applications are endless! Personalise almost anything from t-shirts and garments to ceramics, plastics and metal - helping to grow your business by accessing lucrative new revenue streams.

  • Transfer printing for both light and dark materials and merchandise
  • Print and press onto garments, hard surface goods and more
  • No cutting or weeding saving time and money

Increase your revenue and  production output - Flexible media handling including banners up to 1.3m

Whether printing extra large graphics or a full sheet of logos, the easy to operate Pro9541WT will help you produce high quality, cost-effective transfers - no matter what size, saving time and money on every job!

  • Supports sheets up to 329x483mm (A3+) perfect for extra large garments, banners, decoration and more
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution output for professional quality printing
  • Easy to operate , no daily maintenance or replacement kits

A revolutionary alternative for screen printing - Access lucrative new revenue streams

The high-performance Pro9541WT challenges traditional print processes giving you the chance to broaden your revenue opportunities.  The Pro9541WT not only offers a cost effective alternative in the direct to garment market it also provides a supplementary solution for existing screen print customers, creating a competitive edge and unlocking a new revenue stream. The simple two step process eliminates the need for large investments and set-up time.

Optional EXOSTENCIL Screen Prep Paper

OKI and Neenah have worked together to provide a revolutionary and environmentally friendly solution for screen print shops.

Using the OKI Pro9541WT to print on the EXOSTENCIL Screen Prep Paper, offered by Neenah, is a “chemical free” way to make and reclaim your screens. This simple, two step process eliminates the need for large investments, allowing you to quickly get into production in just minutes. This easy method for manufacturing screens is appropriate for mesh counts from 85-230

  • Print in all colours including solid white and true black  quickly and cost effectively
  • Extend your service offering to capture new customers and increase your revenue
  • Eliminate the need for large investments in screen printing
  • Create screen masks by using unique transfer media in a few simple steps which is quick, cost effective and environmentally friendly

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