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OKI technology helps Peeksprint put postcards back in the picture

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Peeksprint is on a mission to keep postcards alive in the age of digital images. With the ethos that a physical postcard holds so much more personal value than a photograph shared on social media, the company specialises in helping consumers create their own personalised postcards, with their own images. With terminals installed in various private and public locations, including post offices and tourist offices, the postcard printing terminals are an attractive proposition for businesses and organisations looking to attract more footfall and increase sales through an interactive, fun activity.  The start-up is now working on an improved terminal and it is during this development phase that Peeksprint discovered the huge potential OKI’s printers offer.  The exceptional print quality which is significantly better than their previous printer providers, combined with the wide range of media OKI’s printers support, will allow Peeksprint to go beyond just printing on thick card.  Users will be able to print their personalised postcards on a variety of novel, fun media such as stickers and plastics making it an even more attractive proposition for flagship stores or amusement parks. The new terminal is approaching the end of the research and development phase and will use OKI printing technology to give consumers a wider choice of materials to print their unique, personalised postcards on. 
“We’re now in the research and development phase of producing an improved terminal, specifically around printing technology. This is how we discovered OKI printers, that provide significantly better quality than we previously had, and the benefit of being able to develop our product range.” – Anne Malliart, founder of Peeksprint
Watch the case study video to find out more about how Peeksprint is collaborating with OKI to develop and expand its unique and innovative service to consumers.

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