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OKI supercharges Doc’Biker’s in-house printing capabilities

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Established in 1997 by two bike enthusiasts, Doc’Biker is a name that you can trust when it comes to two-wheeled travel solutions. Doc’Biker Electric is the company’s new concept store, stocking a range of electric bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. The concept is in its test phase and the company hopes to expand its reach by offering franchise opportunities in the future. Creating the right in-store environment is important in helping the company communicate its brand ethos – of bringing electric travel to urban areas on 2 wheels. The store has been designed to blend elements of nature with city life and relies on printed materials such as graphics for display stands, hanging and free standing banners and point of sale materials to highlight the quality of its products and to promote specific brands. The store also has a requirement for printing number plates for motorcycles as well as small format material such as labels to highlight specific products and standard business documentation including invoices. Doc’Biker has had a long relationship with OKI so knew where to turn to find one single printer that could support all these applications within the store.  Doc’Biker store is now using OKI’s award winning C800 Series A3 colour printer to print everything including in-store signage, POS graphics, invoices and even number plates, all in professional quality, on demand and in-house.
“We particularly appreciate the reliability of the material, especially in the very difficult conditions of a mechanic’s workshop, but also the quality, which has been great the whole time.” – Lionel Boyaval, President of Doc’Biker
For more information on how Doc’Biker has created a unique store concept with professional quality visuals printed in-house and on-demand, watch the video case study.

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