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Road Transport Department (JPJ) Malaysia

Providing efficient service is always a top priority for JPJ Self-Service Kiosk.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) of Malaysia is one of the government agency under the Land Division, Ministry of Transport Malaysia. It is responsible for providing counter services for licensing of vehicles and drivers and the enforcement of the Road Transport Act 1987 to ensure safe drivers and safe vehicles.


With the delivery of effective, efficient and convenient services to nationwide customers, the integration of the JPJ Self-Service Kiosk must accommodate a high volume of customers in a short time and handle various types of media with one device, as well as offers several on-demand print services that include vehicle ownership certificate, receipt, motorbike license, and road tax.


Thanks to OKI C650, its compact size and Space Saving Technology perfectly adapt to the specific needs of the JPJ Self-Service Kiosk without compromising performance and efficiency. Since the installation, the device has significantly improved workflow, increased productivity and minimised the downtime during the operation hours. As of now, everything can be done with one kiosk and able to serve numerous of customers without require visit to the counter. JPJ’s officers are extremely happy with its performance, reliability and stability.


Other notable benefits of using the C650 include output printing is certified by SIRIM with no fading even exposed to the sun for a year, it’s an ideal specific requirement for the windscreen road tax. The expandable tray can top up to a maximum of 4 trays to handle different types of media and sizes. In addition, the full front access design makes it easy to replace consumables and maintenance without taking out the printer from the kiosk. The device is perfect for businesses where space is limited.


OKI’s printing solution enabled JPJ to provide efficiency and better services to meet the nation and customer needs.

“OKI has ensured providing the best of service to adapt to the specific needs of the JPJ. As a result, JPJ can serve Malaysians efficiently without being concerned about interruptions or disruptions.” says Mr Hj Jasmani Hj Dari, Sales Director of Isianpadu Systems Sdn Bhd.

Watch the video to find out more about how OKI C650 helps Road Transport Department (JPJ) Malaysia efficiently serve the Malaysians.

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