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Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Developing "Autonomous Employees" Through Work

At the OKI Group, we call for "autonomous employees" who, while acting based on their own values, do not behave self-righteously, but involve those around them and produce results in accordance with their roles within the organization. The OKI Group promotes the personal growth of each employee via both human resource development through work experience and human resource development through training and learning, and is taking the following initiatives to ensure that everyone has opportunities to grow and is evaluated appropriately. To that end, based on the three guiding principles of "superiors playing the main role in developing those under them," "the Company granting employees opportunities to challenge themselves," and "the Company supporting diverse learning," we are committed to the development. of human resources through work.

Thorough Management of Targets

The OKI Group has strengthened its system for thorough management of employee targets, based on the idea that setting high targets and putting them into practice promotes personal growth. The target items are set taking into account the Action Principles in order to ensure that employees always carry out their work while being mindful of the Principles. Furthermore, we have established a system of quarterly one-on-one meetings in which superiors check the progress of their team members' activities toward the targets set at the beginning of the fiscal year. In fiscal year 2021, we introduced a system to centrally manage target setting and performance so that superiors can provide timely support for managing the targets.

Innovation Dialogue

In order to make a conscious effort to set targets that consider new business creation and transformation of existing businesses, "Innovation Dialogue" has been held continuously since 2018 as an opportunity for OKI's president and OKI Group employees to discuss and exchange views regarding on-site issues and other matters. It has been participated by 669 people through the end of fiscal year 2020. The Group's top executive listens to opinions from the sites and directly conveys his thoughts during the dialogue, which motivates employees to set higher targets while keeping in mind the management's perspective. This initiative is part of the activities based on OKI's Innovation Management System "Yume Pro" and is positioned as a forum for creating new value.

Evaluation System

OKI takes the following initiatives to perform fair and impartial evaluations of results vis-à-vis the set targets and of the processes leading up to these results.

Evaluation System that Encourages Implementation of the Action Principles

We introduced an evaluation system in fiscal year 2019 in order to promote the implementation of the Action Principles. As one of the evaluation indicators, the system assesses the extent to which the Action Principles have been implemented with respect to the aforementioned set targets.

Evaluation Feedback Meeting

Superiors hold meetings with their team members to provide feedback on their evaluation results. The objective is to make the evaluations more convincing, such that they lead to employees' understanding of their evaluation-based treatment, further growth of employees through knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and improvement of organizational management through mutual understanding between superiors and team members. In addition, we conduct a survey once a year to check the status of the meetings to make continuous improvements.

Support for Evaluators

To enhance the evaluation skills and quality of feedback provided by superiors who perform the evaluations, we hold "evaluator training" to educate superiors about the evaluation approach and feedback methods and conduct the "360-degree evaluation" to objectively assess the actions of evaluators and clarify their strengths and weaknesses.

Support for Personal Growth

The OKI Group provides all employees with career design opportunities for their continuous personal growth, and has established a training system to support career development and provide opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge.

Career Design Meeting

At OKI, employees hold a career design meeting once a year with their superiors. The meetings are intended to support autonomous career development, with the aim of helping each employee transform their actions to become competent, autonomous employees.

Training System

The OKI Group has established a comprehensive training system that allows employees to receive training regardless of their job position and occupation. The system consists of "common training for business skills" to learn about marketing, innovation, accounting, and foreign languages, "training based on job position" to learn about the roles of each job position, and "specialized and departmental training" to hone professional expertise such as sales, technical, and production skills. These three are group trainings in principle. However, in light of the expansion of telework, we are also making the trainings available as online and e-learning programs so that all employees can receive them autonomously and efficiently. In fiscal year 2020, we offered more than 200 e-learning courses. In fiscal year 2020, the total number of training hours per OKI employee was 15.6 hours.

FY2021 OKI Training Structure

Results of FY2020
  Group training sessions e-Learning
FY2019 FY2020 FY2019 FY2020
Total number of training sessions held 326 times 277 times 266 courses 210 courses
Total number of participants 7,949 9,340 31,338 37,043
Total hours per person 14.7 hours 9.5 hours 6.0 hours 6.1 hours
  • Although the number of group training sessions decreased compared to fiscal year 2019, holding the training sessions online led to an increase in the number of trainees and reduction in the time required to complete each training.
  • The number of e-Learning training sessions (courses) decreased upon review of course content. However, because some group training sessions were converted into e-Learning courses, the total number of trainees increased compared to fiscal year 2019.

Developing Executive Talent

Through their work, we develop executive talent and business leaders who will be responsible for the OKI Group in the future. In this gradual process that starts from a young age, we give tough assignments that require on-site practice, assign careers suitable for the next generation of management executives, offer selective internal training programs, and dispatch employees to external business schools. Moreover, for senior management such as executives, seminars with in-house and outside experts as lecturers are regularly held to provide an opportunity to acquire the literacy required for management.

FY2020 Next-Generation Management Executive Candidate Development Training Results [For OKI Group]
  • External dispatch programs (managers): 8 employees
  • Internal training programs (general employees): 17 employees

Invigorating the Organization

We believe that amid a drastically changing and increasingly complex world, as a foundation for building a vibrant workplace culture in which employees can take on challenges without fear of failure, it is necessary to cultivate a psychologically safe and secure "say, can say, and listen" culture, where employees can talk openly with each other and constructive criticism beyond personal interests and positions is accepted. To that end, since fiscal year 2018, we have been conducting "So-Komi," which is two-way communication training to start a cycle of success from the quality of our relationships, that is, relationships of trust, within the organization. So-Komi is a program consisting of workshops within divisions and a fivemonth practical workplace program; we plan to have participation in this program from all of our approximately 600 divisions within the domestic OKI Group by fiscal year 2021.

No. of Divisions that Participated in "So-komi"

  • FY2018 (already held): 94
  • FY2019 (already held): 219
  • FY2020 (already held): 127
  • FY2021 (planned): 166

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