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Initiatives for Occupational Health and Safety, Health Management

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

OKI established "Safety and Health Committees" in each region, with company members from management and the labor union. These strengthen the safety and health system, create plans to prevent labor injuries and accidents, patrol workplaces, provide safety and health training, etc. The Central Safety and Health Committee shares information on situations and initiatives in each region. OKI’s incidence rate of occupational accidents(*) in 2019 was 0.00, falling below the electric machinery/equipment manufacturing industry's average of 0.54 (in Japan).

  • * Incidence rate of occupational accidents: Number of casualties due to occupational accidents per million man-hours worked.
Incidence rates of occupational accidents
2017 2018 2019
0.22 0.24 0.00

Health Promotion Initiatives

The OKI Group considers the ability of employees to endeavor toward their work with both mental and physical health to be an essential point of management. Thus, in order to effectively prevent diseases in employees and their families and carry out both mental healthcare and health promotion, the OKI Group is promoting collaborative health, in which its Group companies and health insurance associations cooperate and carry out initiatives. Twice each year, OKI holds "Health Management Business Promotion Committee Meetings" with its Group companies, health insurance associations, occupational health staff, and labor union members, where issues are shared based on analysis of various health examination data, medical treatment fee data, etc., and efforts are made toward the improvement of health awareness and lifestyle habits. Further, as initiatives to strengthen self-care, for affiliated companies which enroll in the OKI Electric Industry Health Insurance Association, "MY HEALTH WEB," a health portal site for individuals, was established in June 2019, and "Health Challenge Campaign" events are held each year.

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