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Initiatives to Promote Diversity

Diversity and inclusion within the OKI Group is a means to strengthen human resources as a management strategy. The goal is for sustainable growth of the organization through creating innovation and improving motivation by accepting and respecting the diverse differences of every person, utilizing this diversity as something positive. As a first step, we have been working on the promotion of women's participation and advancement in the workplace as a matter of the highest priority.

Promoting Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

An action plan to promote women's active participation in the workplace has been established with its aim to support women so they can pursue their own growth and develop their careers in ways that allow them to demonstrate their full potential. The OKI Group has thus set the following targets for 2020: (1) increase the ratio of women among all new graduate hires to 20% or more; and (2) double the ratio of female managers to 4%. The OKI Group has been taking measures to achieve these, the first step being to increase the number of women recruited. Next, more opportunities are given for women to demonstrate their abilities to play a more active role in the workplace. From here, talent for leader candidates becomes available, and as a result, more women can be appointed as managers. In fiscal year 2018, the ratio of new female graduates hired at OKI was 23%, meeting the target as in the previous year.

Every year since fiscal year 2014, the OKI Group has been holding seminars on promoting women's participation and advancement in the workplace, bringing together top management, executives, managers and female employees of the OKI Group in their hundreds. In these seminars, top management talks directly about their expectations for female employees, showing their commitment towards promoting success for women in the workplace. These seminars, which include lectures and panel discussions by experts, and discussions among participants, including male employees, are an opportunity for female employees to gain more understanding about proactive career development. They have become established as a place for encouraging managers to recognize and practice the importance of managing such diverse talent.

A seminar on promoting women's participation and advancement in the workplace (February, 2019)

Female Executives and Employees (as of March 31, 2019)
  OKI Domestic subsidiaries
Number of female executives 3 2
Percentage of women in managerial positions 3.3% 2.1%
Percentage of women among new graduates hired 22.8% 16.4%

Eruboshi Certification

OKI was recognized for its efforts to promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace, and has received the highest level (Grade 3) of certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare since 2017.

Aiming to Balance Work and Childcare for both Men and Women

OKI has established a Work-Life Balance Promotion Committee comprised of the labor union and management members. As well as confirming employee work hours and paid leave, the Committee promotes a healthy work-life balance by improving a host of systems including the flextime system, the HOP work (a discretionary labor) system, systems to provide special work conditions for people caring for children and nursing the elderly, as well as a Special Leave for Particular Purposes system which can be used to participate in volunteer activities, to treat illness and injuries, to nurse family members, or to attend children's school events.

As a part of these efforts, meetings are held between employees returning from childcare leave, their bosses, and the Human Resources and General Affairs Division, with the aim of sharing problems faced by employees when balancing work and raising children to find possible ways forward. The OKI Group also provides training sessions for balancing childcare and work as a place where mothers and fathers in the company can learn skills and share ideas to help them balance the demands of family and work.

Platinum Kurumin certification

As a result of its support activities for balancing childcare and work, OKI received Platinum Kurumin certification as an excellent supporting company for child-raising. Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next Generation Children, the certification is awarded to Kurumin certified companies (OKI has granted Kurumin certification since 2017) that have executed such measures at a higher standard than before. OKI Software, based in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture, has also received Kurumin certification since 2014.

The Key Person for Promoting Diversity is the Manager

Having a diverse group of human resources alone will not improve performance. The OKI Group has been training managers to deal with diversity based on the idea that they can produce results only if they have an inclusive workplace culture and management that accepts and utilizes each person's diverse differences. Training for developing female leaders incorporates a curriculum which includes learning skills together with supervisors and supporting the work women actually do in the workplace.

In order to improve awareness, in 2018, diversity management training was conducted through an e-learning course for managers in the domestic Group to deepen their understanding of promoting women's participation and advancement in the workplace and LGBT issues, with 94% of managers taking the course.

Promoting the Employment of Challenged People: The Special Subsidiary OKI WorkWel Initiative

The OKI Group is actively working to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities as a good corporate citizen and as part of promoting diversity.

Established in 2004 as a special subsidiary for the employment of people with disabilities, OKI WorkWel continues to support working from home for people with severe physical disabilities. As of April 2019, 72 out of the 85 OKI WorkWel employees have disabilities and 54 of them are working at home, utilizing their IT skills for such as building websites.

With “the workplace has come home” as its key phrase, the OKI WorkWel initiative has improved the working environment at home through efforts such as the construction of a virtual office infrastructure, personnel allocation to functions as a team, and a variety of ways for voice communication, all to enable work and study sessions to be carried out as a team in the same way for those working at home as for those working in the office. By connecting the company's network with the employee's home via a virtual private network on the internet, a work environment the same as that of the office with file server, e-mail, and intranet, is made available. Communication necessary for work is made possible by using a video and web conference tool provided by WorkWel Communicator, a virtual office system developed utilizing OKI's know-how.

OKI WorkWel also actively conducts visiting lectures (career training), remote workplace training, and remote field trips for special needs schools for the physically disabled, recruiting human resources from these schools.

Employment Rates of Challenged People

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