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OKI's Efforts for Quality Assurance

Believing that quality entails “customer satisfaction,” OKI's quality philosophy focuses on “providing products that always make customers happy.” In order to make them happy, it is necessary for us to offer the products (products, services and solutions) customers truly need in the most timely manner. Based on this idea, we have built our quality assurance system and made various efforts.

Quality Assurance System and Management

OKI have carried out quality assurance activities in continuum with business activities under the supervision of Quality Assurance Division.

The “Quality Assurance Regulations,” the most significant rules among all quality-related rules and regulations of the company, defines OKI's quality philosophy, responsibility and authority. In addition, there are “Product Safety Basic Policy” and administrative instructions for the entire company and each business division. These rules and regulations are incorporated into the quality management system of each business division.

Furthermore, we have obtained ISO9001 certification at almost all our production sites, and have built the most appropriate quality control system for each production line or product. Also, continuous efforts are being made in each operation to incorporate the customers' voices, which are received through daily communication and the surveys on their satisfaction levels, to improve our products, services and systems.

Quality Improvement Initiative

Reflecting its quality philosophy, OKI has established Group Quality Philosophy and is engaged in quality improvement activities. In fiscal year 2019, we implement crossorganizational activities under the themes of “quality fraud prevention,” “improvement activities by all, ” and “quality information dissemination.” With respect to quality fraud prevention, in fiscal year 2018 we established and disseminated guidelines for authorizing shipping inspections, etc. We also conducted onsite audits at five sites in Japan, where the potential impact of fraud is deemed significant. Based on our ongoing understanding that fraud could occur in any workplace, we provide education through company newsletters and seminars, in addition to confirming with documents to all employees of related divisions as well as conducting direct onsite audits centered on production inspection workplaces. In these ways, we work to raise attentiveness to quality-related fraud.

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