Sustainability of the OKI Group For Customers

OKI's Efforts for Quality Assurance

Under its quality philosophy of "we will constantly provide products able to satisfy customers," the OKI Group considers its customers to be the center of "Mono-zukuri and Koto-zukuri" and strives to develop, produce and provide products and services with due consideration for safety and user-friendliness.

Quality-Related Initiatives

Product quality assurance in the OKI Group is achieved through the activities of all divisions and employees involved in the product life cycle. We conduct quality assurance through collaboration between the Group Quality Assurance Division, which adopts a Groupwide perspective, and the quality assurance sections of each business division, which have business-specific functions.

Quality Assurance System

Furthermore, we have obtained ISO9001 certification at almost all our production sites, and have built the most appropriate quality control system for each production line or product. Also, continuous efforts are being made in each operation to incorporate the customers' voices, which are received through daily communication and the surveys on their satisfaction levels, to improve our products, services and systems.

Quality Improvement Activities Based on Quality Policies

Based on our quality philosophy, the OKI Group has established Group Quality Policies and engaged in quality improvement activities across our organization. In our ongoing efforts to prevent quality fraud, in fiscal year 2021 we conducted questionnaires with all employees of the Group as well as on-site surveys primarily at production bases to check whether there were any signs or potential sources of fraud. We share activities from each site for fraud risk mitigation and quality improvement through means such as Groupwide quality liaison meeting, as we aim for cross-lateral development of these activities.

Succession of Skills and Know-how

The OKI Group conducts group activities in which production base supervisors announce and award everyday improvement activities. To award and share effective initiatives and to promote cross-lateral development and succession, a Groupwide "Production Reform Award Presentation" and "Quality Improvement Award Presentation" are held once a year, respectively. In fiscal year 2021, the Production Reform Award was conferred to the “Large-scale Overseas Production Transfer of the Printer Business” that was achieved amid the pandemic, and the Quality Improvement Award was conferred to “Quality Awareness Reform Efforts,” which organically linked corporate culture improvements, human resources development, and improvement activities.
In addition, with the aim of improving the technical capabilities of customer engineers (CE), who are responsible for equipment maintenance for customers, and improving how effectively CEs respond to customers, OKI Crosstech, a maintenance service company, organizes an "IT Technology Contest" each year. In fiscal year 2021, 20 representatives of 1,200 CEs in Japan competed on maintenance and customer service skills using the CrosCore PBX and USCOS Ⅱ recycling withdrawal/deposit machine. The contest was streamed in Japan, and operations that received a high score were archived to contribute to the skills enhancement of CEs as a whole.

Mono-zukuri Infrastructure Reinforcement Project Activities

Within the OKI Group, asking the question of "what is Mono-zukuri that contributes to customers," we are reinforcing our Mono-zukuri infrastructure as a foundation for growth. The development environment that has been optimized for each specific business is now seeing standardization across development tools, such as electronic CAD, mechanical CAD, component technology information systems, and PDM. We are also standardizing measures for the environment and compliance with various laws and regulations. In fiscal year 2021, we standardized the skillsets of hardware engineers as part of our commitment to developing and making effective use of human resources.

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