Sustainability of the OKI Group Risk Management/Compliance

Ensuring Full Compliance

Initiatives to Promote Compliance

The OKI Group has established the Compliance Committee (with the Chief Compliance Officer as Committee Chairman) in accordance with the top management's Compliance Commitment thereby striving to ensure rigorous compliance. The Committee regularly monitors the management progress of the common risks identified by the Risk Management Committee. The Committee also deliberates and decides on compliance training plans and oversees their implementation. Moreover, we implement fixed-point observations on conduct and awareness relating to compliance of executives and employees, and to make the most of such measures, we implement compliance awareness surveys on an ongoing basis.
In order to discover and rectify improper activities at an early stage, we have established a whistle-blowing system (in-house contact point, Group-wide contact point, and external contact point) to enable anonymous reports, as well as reports to outside directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members at every Group company, and stipulated whistle- blowing regulations such as those about the protection of whistle-blowers. We have also developed internal regulations in line with the revision and enforcement of the amended Whistleblower Protection Act in June 2022, and provided internal training on re-ensuring the confidentiality of whistle-blowers. In fiscal year 2021, 23 reports and consultations were received at the OKI Group in Japan.

Ongoing Compliance Training

The OKI Group has appointed compliance managers and promoters (around 310 in total) who play a key role promoting compliance in the workplace at each company and division in Japan. We also hold regular training sessions for these compliance managers and promoters. We are holding ongoing anti-monopoly law training centered on the marketing & sales section. In fiscal year 2021, the group training was held via video conference in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We provide e-learning to all Group employees in Japan on topics related to shared risks, such as personal information protection, information security, and common risks. We also have tools in place to ensure that the content of the training is widely disseminated. These include regular reports of case studies on compliance issued via our intranet and internal newsletters.
In addition, in fiscal year 2018, we started a unified e-learning compliance training program for employees of overseas Group companies, and training was provided to approximately 1,100 employees in fiscal year 2021.

Main Compliance Training Programs (for the OKI Group in Japan) in FY2021
Main Compliance Training Programs (for the OKI Group in Japan) in FY2021

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