Environmental Protection

Forest Improvement Activities in Japan

The OKI Group has continuously been involved in forest improvement activities in some places in connection with relevant group under reements with local municipal governments, Forest Offices and NPOs.

  • Komoro City,Nagano
    Komoro City,Nagano
  • Izu City,Shizuoka
    Izu City,Shizuoka
  • Takasaki City,Gunma
    Takasaki City,Gunma

Environmental conservation activities in China

OKI Electric Industry (Shenzhen), a Chinese subsidiary of the OKI Group, pursues a range of social contribution activities, including mangrove tree planting and factory tours for local elementary school students. Through these activities, the company communicates the importance of efforts for nature conservation in the community and environmental protection at the production site.

  • Mangrove tree planting activity
    April 14, 2018
    Mangrove tree planting activity
  • Factory tour and environmental education
    July 2, 2019
    Factory tour and environmental education

Environmental conservation activities in Thailand

OKI Precision Thailand (OPNT), has installed a water weir fence for the purpose of environmental protection and community contribution.
OKI Data Manufacturing Thailand (ODMT) has planted saplings for the purpose of protecting the natural environment and contributing to the local community.

  • Installed a water weir fence activity (OPNT)
    September 23, 2019
    Installed a water weir fence activity (OPNT)
  • apling planting Activity (ODMT)
    September 29, 2018
    Sapling planting Activity (ODMT)

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