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Collection and recycling of used productsUsed PC collection/recycling results (FY2018)

Updated: June 14, 2019

OKI collects and recycles the personal computers we manufacture. For the collection and recycling of PCs that are disposed of by corporate customers and for those disposed of by private customers we have acquired the "Approval pertaining to a cross-jurisdictional industrial waste recycling processor" and the "Approval pertaining to a general waste recycling processor", respectively, from the Ministry of the Environment. In this way, we are actively promoting the collection and recycling of used PCs.

We announce the results of collection and recycling of used personal computers in FY2018 as follows.

Product category Household
Weight collected
Number collected
Recycling amount
Resource reuse amount
Resource reuse rate
Desktop PCs Business 12,954.0 762 12,971.0 7,445.6 57.4
Household 17.0 1
Tota 12,971.0 763
Notebook pc Business 68.2 18 75.8 42.9 56.6
Household 7.6 2
合計 75.8 20
CRT displays (Note) Business 296.8 16 371.0 298.3 80.4
Household 74.2 4
Total 371.0 20
Liquid crystal displays Business 2,812.2 516 2,812.2 2,209.3 78.6
Household 0.0 0
Total 2,812.2 516
  • ※1 The status of recycling is announced based on the Act on the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources.
  • ※2 Resource reuse rate is the weight ratio of recycled resources.
  • ※3 Above figures only represent the amount collected under the cross-jurisdictional scheme.

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