Environmental Conservation

Approach by Businesses Toward Environmental Conservation Cross-departmental environmental management activities tailored to site characteristics

The OKI Group promotes activities from comprehensive and individual perspectives

“Regulatory compliance, standardization and sharing case studies ” through the global warming prevention committee

The OKI Group has established the Global Warming Prevention Committee, which includes affiliated companies, to effectively promote energy conservation activities throughout the entire Group. This committee bases its activities on three pillars: Regulatory Compliance, Standardization and Sharing Case Studies.

  1. Improvement of compliance with the Act on the Rational Use of Energy

    In order to ensure the legal compliance of the Group as a whole, we work together to mutually confirm the compliance status of each company.

  2. Standardization of operation procedures

    We standardize operations common to each company across the Group, such as procedures for the management and monitoring of energy saving activities.

  3. Sharing and developing improvement case studies

    In accordance with the characteristics of each site given below such as plants, offices, etc., we develop effective measures and case studies to improve the efficiency of energy conservation activities. Case studies are disclosed on our intranet etc. to facilitate smooth sharing.

Environmental Measures According to Site Characteristics

With regards to our global warming prevention activities at each site, we classify our workplaces as coating, plating and other processing plants; assembly plants for products such as component mounting; and large and small offices, and pro-mote measures, according to the respective characteristics of these.
As an example, processing plants are characterized by continuous operation of production facilities and air conditioning equipment. For these we are primarily working to achieve a fixed reduction in energy consumption. The assembly plant has the characteristic of a low fixed load and energy consumption that fluctuate according to production volume. Based on the fact that high-mix low-volume production is increasing, efficiency is being promoted through measures such as cell production, unit production, and change in layout. In our large offices, we are promoting improvements through the introduction of energy-efficient air conditioning equipment and lighting fixtures, and in smaller offices we are making improvements centered on energy conservation activities and other operational aspects.
The OKI Group aims for optimization across the entire Group by implementing such measures and setting targets according to site characteristics, conducting trials for common issues, and horizontally developing effective cases to other sites.

Graph of Percentage of energy usage in the OKI Group by site characteristic and Characteristics of sites in terms of relationship between energy consumption, production volume and number of employees

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