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ES8461dn+ MFP


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20160225053418442-MEM256E_512C.png/MEM256E_512C.png512 MB RAM 43363324
IC Card Secure kit JCK-L3S6A1E *1 *1
2nd/3rd tray + short cabinet 44020503 Capacity of 1,060 sheets of 80gsm. BUY NOW
2nd tray + tall cabinet 44020403 Capacity of 530 sheets of 80gsm. BUY NOW

*1 The card reader is not attached to the card authentication kit.

Please prepare the card reader of our recommended (* 1).

* Please prepare a 1 SCM Microsystems Japan Co., Ltd., a non-contact IC card reader SCL010.

If you want to use the card authentication kit, remove the hard disk, which is provided as standard, you need to attach the hard disk that came with the card authentication kit.


Item Type Notes Shop Now
Black Large capacity toner cartridge 44059260 10,000 pages *1
Yellow Large capacity toner cartridge 44059257 10,000 pages *1
Magenta Large capacity toner cartridge 44059258 10,000 pages *1
Cyan Large capacity toner cartridge 44059259 10,000 pages *1
Black Image Drum 01247404 20,000 pages *2
Yellow Image Drum 01247401 20,000 pages *2
Magenta Image Drum 01247402 20,000 pages *2
Cyan Image Drum 01247403 20,000 pages *2

*1 Number of A4 pages yield compliant with ISO/IEC 19798.

*2 A4 at 3 pages per job.

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