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Optimise your print fleet and cut down your cost through smarter print management

Identifying your hidden costs can be a difficult task in complex organisations. Smart Managed Print Services is a print optimisation and management service which improves productivity and cost efficiency in the workplace, whilst significantly reducing your costs.

OKI aims to drive down your short, medium and long term costs from an investment and operational perspective, increasing the efficiency of your devices, whilst also reducing your printing and impact on the environment.

With a wide portfolio of products OKI is able to address the needs of workgroups of different sizes by installing the right device in the right place, ultimately reducing the amount of time spent on print retrieval and wasted output and improving staff productivity. We are able to provide the correct balance of desktop printers, workgroup devices and large centralised units based on the needs of your organisation, eliminating any negative impact on productivity.

The graphic below outlines how much time can be wasted and the potential cost impact to a business. Through a process of evaluation, implementation, management and review, OKI will help your organisation drive staff productivity and save costs through its wide product offering and expertise in Smart Managed Print Services.

Benefiting your business

The optimisation of your printer fleet can provide considerable savings across your business. Ensuring that your printers are being put to best use and located in optimal positions within the workplace, will help to improve your employee productivity, so less time is spent on print retrieval and wasted output.

Peace of mind with Smart Support

Smart Support is an integral part of Smart Managed Print Services and offers a complete service. Through continuous monitoring, OKI addresses any maintenance issues and faults, notifying you immediately, and also provides consumables when needed. The operation of your devices is remotely monitored and regular detailed reports are available, providing you with up-to-date, real-time information on the status of your devices.

OKI supports its customers at every step of the way. Our dedicated account managers are available throughout the whole process and ensure your staff are adequately trained and confident using our easy to use software. All devices are continually monitored and maintenance is carried out remotely or on-site, when required.

Optimise your printing needs to drive productivity that saves your money

OKI not only facilitates the management of your devices and consumables, but we also advise on the right mix of devices and where they should be located to increase productivity. Through complete transparency of activity we are able to identify where significant cost savings can be made and help you to change employee behaviour, reducing unnecessary printing.

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