ESG Activities For Employees

Basic Approach to Human Rights

In accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights and the Declaration of the International Labour Organization, the OKI Group recognizes that the protection of the human rights of each of its employees is the foundation of all corporate activities. It enshrines "Respect for Human Rights" in its Charter of Corporate Conduct and Code of Conduct, and ensures human rights are respected by providing education through new hire trainings, trainings based on job position, and e-learning programs. The Group is also working on a fair employment and selection process and creating a working environment where diverse employees can play an active role.

Basic Approach to Human Resources

In order for the OKI Group to achieve sustainable growth by solving social issues and creating new value, it needs human resources who can respond flexibly to changes without being bound by conventional methods. The Group positions human resources as one of its most important management resources for adapting to changes in the social environment and for sustainable development. It aims to foster "autonomous employees" who implement actions based on the five Action Principles, and thereby, respond flexibly according to their roles and create results by involving the people around them.
In Medium-term Business Plan 2022, the "development and securement of human resources who will support Mono-zukuri and growth-area businesses" has been set forth as a personnel measure aimed at sustainable growth. We are developing personnel systems that lead to the further invigoration of sites of Mono-zukuri, such as on-the-job human resource development through target management and personnel evaluation and using skill assessment for the optimal assignment of human resources. From the perspective of supporting businesses in growth areas, we are working on the development of AI human resources with practical skills, including AI trainings according to occupation and level. In addition, we are promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives to realize "a workplace where all employees thrive at work and demonstrate their full potential."

Good Labor-Management Relationship through Dialogue

OKI respects the freedom of association and collective bargaining based on the laws in each country and region, and puts great importance on building trust between labor and management. In Japan, OKI holds general labor-management meetings between OKI's top executives and the labor union leaders, and divisional labor management meetings, to sincerely exchange opinions and information on the business environment and labor issues.

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