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ESG Activities Respect for Employees

Basic Approach to Human Rights and Human Resources

TThe OKI Group recognizes that protecting the human rights of each individual who fulfills one's work duties is the foundation of all its corporate activities and as such it has established a Respect for Human Rights in its Charter of Corporate Conduct and Code of Conduct, and is making rigorous efforts to educate through new hire training, training programs based on job position, e-learning programs, etc. The Group is also working on a fair employment and selection process and creating a work environment where diverse employees can play an active role.

With its human resources vision of “pride, passion, and sincerity,” the Group is working on important management issues where all employees take pride in the company, themselves and the people who work there, where employees act boldly and passionately towards goals, tackle all things with sincerity, and where employees can work in good physical and mental health.

OKI Group Human Resources Strategy

The OKI Group has an evaluation system that not only properly evaluates and handles employee performance, but also aims to align employee and company direction to achieve business targets so that employee growth leads to the development of the company.

Rather than only assessing employee performance, the system evaluates whether the OKI Group Action Principles, which are the values shared by the OKI Group when striving for results, have been put into practice, thus encouraging employees to implement each of the Action Principles, including taking a more proactive approach to change. Furthermore, a highly credible system has been made a reality by eliminating seniority-based components and creating a remuneration system in line with the job's position and employee evaluation. By using this system, highly motivated human resources, who actively challenge and produce results, will be developed.

In addition, a work environment that encourages communication among employees and promotes diversity will be created, making it easier and more rewarding to work each day.

Good Labor-Management Relationship through Dialogue

OKI respects the freedom of association and collective bargaining based on the laws in each country and region, and puts great importance on building trust between labor and management. In Japan, OKI holds general labor-management meetings between OKI's top executives and the labor union leaders, and divisional labor management meetings, to sincerely exchange opinions and information on the business environment and labor issues.

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