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Funeral Services

Providing services to bereaved families and loved-ones requires a remarkable mixture of sensitivity and professionalism that few other businesses ever have to encounter.

From liaising with grief-stricken friends and relatives to arranging burials, cremations and memorials with a personal touch, funeral directors face many challenges.

Although the funeral services industry today is relatively steady, undertakers or funeral homes of any size or scale face limits on how they can promote new products and services to increase revenue or acquire new business. Boosting margins in the face of these constraints makes it all the more important to have technology that ensures every aspect of the business runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. 


Key challenges

  • Innovative funeral directors are constantly looking for ways to increase margins in the most sensitive ways possible
  • As round-the-week operations, funeral services businesses must be able to provide the highest levels of service whenever required
  • Reliable and professional on-site printing of funeral documents is essential. The printer  must be  capable of meeting many diverse requirements and able to handle very heavy media and specific paper formats used in the funeral industry
  • To remain cost-effective, funeral businesses use one device for all of their printing needs, whether this is standard office printing or specific to funeral documents

How OKI can help improve your business

Flexibility and handling of media formats and paper weight

Media handling flexibility

Many printers face problems when handling heavy paper weights and special formats.  An OKI colour printer effortlessly and reliably handles funeral documents and memorialisation materials in special formats.  These can be stored in the printer driver for easy and convenient repeated retrieval with just a click of the mouse.  OKI offers a range of colour printers and multi-function printers (MFPs) that are the perfect all-in-one solution for undertakers and businesses associated with the funeral industry.

Respond creatively to the growing desire for personalisation

Personalisation in funeral services

Requirements have moved on from traditional large photographs and now OKI printers provide endless creative possibilities for printing personalised memorial cards, service booklets, labels, envelopes, business cards and general documents. Creating funeral banners, stationery and materials is easily achieved with OKI Template Manager or any graphics application where templates can be saved for easy retrieval, customisation and repeat-printing.

Meeting your office needs too

Office printing

In addition to specialist printing for funerals, OKI colour printers handle high-quality printing of standard office documents cost-effectively and quickly. OKI printers offer a complete solution serving every requirement, eliminating the need to invest in a separate printer for office documents. And for complete peace of mind, OKI offers an extended free, three-year, on-site warranty on registration of the product within 30 days of purchase.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Provide new levels of service, driving up reputation for service, innovation and professionalism. OKI’s colour printers and MFPs give funeral businesses new access to high-quality printing for every kind of funeral-related documents in a huge variety of formats and also very heavy media
  • Improve processes with a single printer for fast, efficient and hassle-free production that meets every requirement. Boost margins with a new level of flexibility, printing innovative funeral banners and responding creatively to relatives’ growing demand for personalisation
  • Open up new business opportunities and stand out from competitors by using the ground-breaking adaptability, simplicity and all-in-one power of OKI’s colour printer technology, yielding a fast return on investment

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