When it comes to design, colour is everything, white is more

Rob Brown, Senior Manager, Industry Print, OKI Europe Ltd, discusses how digital printing in white can provide huge opportunities for Print Service Providers.
To overcome the challenges the past year has brought to the print industry, Print Service Providers may need to get creative. Standing out from the competition will be crucial to gaining a competitive edge and winning more business. This is particularly important in an industry that is led by design, where customers are constantly looking for the latest processes that will make their businesses truly stand out. 
For example, white is not usually considered the most interesting colour. After more than a century of applying CMYK on to white paper, white seems to go unnoticed. However, the foundation of colour printing is based on using subtractive CMYK on a white surface to control the light/colour that is reflected back to our eyes. When it comes to design and print, as any graphic arts business owner knows, the colour white is incredibly difficult to reproduce. Yet it’s only through the ability to print in white that designs and colours can really standout, particularly on dark and transparent backgrounds. Imagine the design possibilities if this was achievable… Now it is thanks to OKI’s breakthrough white toner printing technology.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity

Consumers and businesses want choices and seek creative solutions in a range of colours and designs on any substrate or size at a low cost that can be produced quickly and easily.
The ability to print in white opens up a whole new range of possibilities for Print Service Providers and their customers. These include adding richness and depth to graphics and text or using white as a backing colour where needed to make colours, designs and text stand out. 
The ability to print in CMY+White or adding white toner as a fifth colour (CMYK+white) provides businesses with the power to produce cost-effective customised or personalised designs on a range of different substrates in a single pass, making white toner printing quick and easy. This allows Print Service Providers to grow their business by increasing their production output, as well as their revenue by accepting smaller more profitable jobs.

Complementary technology to boost your bottom line

In an era when Print Service Providers need to diversify and adapt more than ever to changing market and consumer demands, OKI’s white toner digital production printers not only allow them to achieve more eye-catching and vibrant finishes, they also provide the flexibility to offer a huge range of additional services. From transfer printing for use on almost any substrate, including garment and merchandise decoration, to printing directly on a diverse range of media including packaging, labels, and heavy card.
Typically, when a Print Service Provider invests in a new piece of equipment, they must think about the impact on their existing operations weighing up the possibilities and opportunities with the investment requirements. OKI’s compact white toner digital production printers complement existing litho, flexo, large format digital and screen-printing technologies, and for a relatively low upfront investment and no requirement for specialist skills, Print Service Providers can accept smaller, more profitable print jobs they previously turned away.
From a device that is no larger than a typical A3 printer, the opportunities are endless, from printing on transfers for textiles, acrylic, ceramic, glass, metal and even wood to media of different sizes, weights, formats and finishes including pouches, boxes and greeting cards as well as labels to help products stand out. What’s more, a white-trapping feature guarantees the sharpest quality for intricate designs and precise text, and 1200 x 1200 dpi printing makes these devices even more desirable for the professional print market.

Breaking down the barriers

The ability to print in white has long been known for its benefits, it has not always been the easiest or most cost-effective process for Print Service Providers to implement. However, with the innovation of CMYW and CMYK+W printers and the ability to print white in one single pass, print businesses can now look to white as the colour to help them diversify and stand out from the competition through an extensive range of different applications.

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