A conveyor belt of challenges for convenience stores and grocers

Javier Lopez discusses how signage created and printed in-house can help encourage consumers to continue to shop ‘ultra local’ post pandemic
Supermarkets, convenience stores and grocers are among the most ‘evergreen’ of retailers, meaning that the demand for the produce they provide will never waver. This has never been more apparent than now, amid a global pandemic, where the role of essential retail has been brought to the fore. 
There’s an argument that grocers and local convenience stores have been the luckier retail sub-sectors throughout the pandemic, seeing an increase in footfall by almost 20%1 as consumers shop ‘ultra local’. However, while this trend looks set to continue, this does not mean they are exempt from the same challenges that the rest of the retail sector face.
With global vaccination programmes underway, there is a glimmer of hope that the impact of the pandemic will soon ease. When it does, the world can start to slowly resume some form of normality as the recovery from the pandemic gets underway. How can independent retailers, such as local convenience stores and grocers that flourished over the past year with increased footfall, expect to maintain customer loyalty and keep shoppers coming through the door?

Using visual communications to deliver value to shoppers in-store

Visual communications can help retailers create a great shopper experience that is seamless and safe. Strategically placed signage can encourage customers through the door, navigating them to specific aisles and product categories while helping to influence purchasing decisions.
Having the ability to print signage in-house, on-demand and in professional quality enables store owners to quickly respond to consumer and market trends while encouraging return visits and delivering value by rewarding loyalty through bespoke vouchers and VIP offers.  By having the right type of printer in-store, retailers can take control of printing what their store needs, only when needed, to a professional quality and on their media of choice. No longer must they rely on third party suppliers to produce signage with long lead times and typically a minimum print volume, often requiring storage space and invariably leading to wastage. 

Speed and flexibility are key

From promoting on-trend products, or a specific theme such as sustainability to responding to changing government guidelines around face coverings, social distancing and opening times, having the ability to print in-store gives retailers the speed they need to be able to respond and meet consumer expectations promptly and in a flexible manner. 
From a compact media flexible device such as OKI’s powerful retail-ready colour printers and MFPs that can fit under the customer service kiosk or in the back office, retailers can easily create, customise, and print everything they could need in professional quality. From eye-catching signage to shelf labels, QR code stickers or vouchers, high-definition product images, self-adhesive window, and floor signage, hanging and freestanding banners, branded paper bags, flyers, leaflets and so much more.
What’s more, retailers can print on a wide range of materials, including pre-cut media, waterproof, UV resistant and self-adhesive stickers in a variety of sizes and weights. Printing in-house and on-demand truly gives store owners the power to respond reactively to changes as they unfold. 


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Please note, for information on specific media that should be used with OKI printers for the applications specified on this page, please contact your local certified dealer or contact us.

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