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Short run packaging printing has traditionally been challenging for Print Service Providers to profit from, but recent innovations are turning this on its head says Rob Brown, Senior Manager, Industry Print, OKI Europe Ltd
Across entire sectors many businesses have been in survival mode over the past 12 months. They have had to adapt with many transitioning to online sales to retain customers and maintain revenue. For Print Service Providers, diversification has been vital to surviving and to future-proof themselves, ensuring they are ready to embrace profitable opportunities and achieve positive growth. 
Short run packaging has traditionally been challenging for Print Service Providers to master.  Reliant on print processes with lengthy lead times, minimum order volumes were required to make this a cost-effective service. However, with the value of the global packaging printing market expected to reach €416.5bn by 20251 and with commercial print volumes declining, now is the time for Print Service Providers to start exploring the feasibility of accepting lower volume orders they previously turned away. 

The power of personalised and customised packaging

The consumer demand for personalisation and customised orders is also creating new revenue opportunities in the packaging market. The European Brand & Packaging Design Association reports that 63% of leading brand owners, retailers, suppliers, agencies and packaging professionals feel personalised packaging increases sales and 52% say it positively impacts customer loyalty2.
Orders for personalisation and customisation inevitably require shorter print runs, and with the set-up time and running costs involved, Print Service Providers either have to hold on to smaller orders or not accept them at all. However, they can now tap into this lucrative trend with technology that enables profitable low volume printing from a single unit to many.  

Unexpected media flexibility to drive diversification and profitability

Devices such as OKI’s Pro9000 Series short run digital production printers are designed to complement existing litho, flexo, large format digital and screen-printing technologies, allowing even the smallest of professional print business to open up or expand the range of packaging printing services they can offer. These devices allow Print Service Providers to print directly onto a surprisingly diverse range of substrates that one would never expect from a device of this size or cost, including dark and transparent media, film, gloss, transfer media, waterproof paper and more. At a third of the size of a full production machine and a tenth of the cost, it’s the ideal addition enabling Print Service Providers to expand their offering to all kinds of packaging from pouches to packets, paper bags, door hangers and boxes, all on demand. The opportunities are endless with OKI’s Pro9000 Series.
To add to the unrivalled media flexibility with the Pro9000 Series you are also guaranteed professional quality thanks to OKI’s innovative digital LED printing technology which provides sharp print output in 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and vibrant colours, ideal for eye-catching packaging with even the most intricate of designs. 
To compete against other packaging providers, print businesses can rely on OKI’s unique CMYK plus solid white printing technology to make the packaging options they offer truly stand out. This technology enables single pass under printing using white toner as a fifth colour, making packaging designs instantly stand out on dark or transparent media. For a relatively low investment, the opportunities are endless.

Maximising your service offering when space is limited

Adding new service offerings isn’t always straightforward in the print industry. For many Print Service Providers, space is limited meaning investing in new devices for specific purposes such as printing packaging isn’t always feasible. Often paying higher rent for a larger space on top of the cost of the new equipment simply isn’t an option. 
OKI’s Pro9000 Series printers are no larger than an A3 printer, yet they can do so much more than just print packaging. These devices are ideal for a wide range of applications including greeting cards and stationery, envelopes, tags, labels as well as traditional commercial print applications such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, menus, signage, stickers and even banners up to 1.3m in length.

Seizing the opportunity

It’s clear that packaging is a lucrative market and while it has traditionally been difficult for Print Service Providers to support short run packaging printing, the technology is now available to help them do this affordably and profitably with a print output that exceeds customers’ expectations. Whether simply providing everyday packaging or going a step further and offering personalised packaging options, print businesses should be seizing this opportunity to increase their revenues and attract new customers. 

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